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This is a Fan Game made by Peanut64. Do not edit without premission.

The Legend of Zelda: Galaxy Spirit is a rated E for Everyone Zelda game. It is cel-shaded and for Wii. Link gets sent into the Future by the Spirit of Time... And goes into space...


Link is on the Pirate ship after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The pirate ship goes too close to the Time-Reality rift portal zone... Then the Spirit of Time sent Link into the future, leaving the entire pirate crew behind...

Link awakens in a UFO. He is shocked to see everything so high-tech. He looks out the window and sees Earth! He gasps... He grasps his sword because he hears noise... Some humans see Link and chase him. Link uses the power of triforce to destroy the chasers. Then he finds himself in an escape pod and trips, pushing a button that launches the pod to the moon...

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