The Legend of Zelda: Eternal Skies, is a fanfiction made by KratosChaos. It's rated R (Under 18 Not Reccomended) for extreme blood and violence, sexual contenet, nudity, and strong language.


I do not own the rights to the Legend of Zelda franchise. This is completely fanficiton and I make no profit from it.


Long ago in Hyrule, an old fourtune teller, told Princess Zelda that one day she would be rescued by a Hero Clad in Green, from a terrible evil. Years later, the Princess is ca[tured by one of her old, old kin, and taken to a Sky Isle to be drained of power, along five other Princesses.

Link, was supposed to get married, untill his darling Saria was kidnapped by an evil, vendetive Princess, for unkown reasons. Now Link will brave beyond the Sky Realm, known by all as Puratia, and save his wife as well as the Princesses of Spirit!


Link- The now 20 year old "Hero Clad in Green," Link's main objective is to save his love intrest Saria from the clutches of Princess Kama, but his journey throught the Islands in the Sky, lead him on an adventure not just to save Saria, but Princess Zelda and a few other people as well.

Malon- Link's red haired human finace. The day before their wedding, she's ubducted by Princess Kama, along with the other Princesses of Spirit, and taken to a- at the time unkown- Sky Isle.

Princess Zelda- The Princess of Hyrule, she was captured by one of her long lost relatives and taken to the alternate version of Hyrule in the Sky. Waiting to be resuced by the known Link, she hopes to marry him once she is rescued, unaware of his almost-marriage to Malon.

Princess Kama- A once former Princess of Hyrule, she was banished from the kingdom and stripped of her powers for using her dastardly powers to expierement on humans and trying to exploit the Triforce of Power. The main antagonist, she captured her youger kin, Zelda, in hopes of using her powers and taking her un-rightful place on the throne.


LoZ: Eternal Skies/ Ch. 1: A "Haggish" Party

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