These are the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Curse of the Night

Main DungeonsEdit

Wind FortressEdit

The Wind Fortress is a large dungeon in the Forest region that contains the seal to the Forest Shrine. Link first visits during the daytime to break this seal. After first turning into Shadow Link, he returns in order to stop Ganondorf, who thinks the seal still needs to be broken.

Daytime enemies include Keese, Red Bokoblins, Deku Babas, Wolfos (2 as a daytime miniboss), Skulltulas, and Big Red Bokoblins (only 3). Nighttime enemies include Green Bokoblins, Dread Demons, Diablos, Winged Red Bokoblins, Big Red Bokoblins (more common), Keese, and Rhinolfos (1 as a miniboss). The daytime boss is King Bokoblin and the nighttime boss is Phantom Ganon.

Aquatic RuinsEdit

The Aquatic Ruins is a smaller dungeon located in the Swamp region that contains the seal to the Water Shrine. Link first visits after changing back from his first night as Shadow Link. He will eventually return at night later in the game.

Daytime enemies include Green Bokoblins, Electro Spumes, Froaks, Octoroks, and Dinalfos (2 as a miniboss). The daytime boss is Ridiculo.

Lava TempleEdit

The Lava Temple is a very large dungeon located in the Underground region that contains the seal to the Earth Shrine. Shadow Link first visits after collecting the Water Gemstone. Link will eventually visit during the day

Nighttime enemies include Magma Spumes, Diablos, Dread Demons, Fire Diablos, Fiery Red Bokoblins, Wigned Fiery Red Bokoblins, Fire Keese, and Lizalfos (3 as a miniboss). The nighttime boss is Hypomol.

Mini DungeonsEdit

Optional DungeonsEdit

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