These are the bosses and mini-bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Curse of the Night.

Mini BossesEdit

  • Stalfos (2 - Wind Fortress - Day)
  • Rhinolfos (1 - Wind Fortress - Night)
  • Dinalfos (2 - Aquatic Ruins - Day)
  • Lizalfos (3 - Lava Temple - Night)


  • Gigantic Forest Fighter: King Bokoblin (Wind Fortress - Day)
  • Dark Spirit Entity: Phantom Ganon (Wind Fortress - Night)
  • Demonic Water Serpent: Ridiculo (Aquatic Ruins - Day)
  • ​Molten Velociraptor: Hypomol (Lava Temple - Night)
  • Evil Chaos Sorcerer: Lord Loctavius (Trimbor - Day)

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