Blades of Power: Summary: Two years have passed since Link saved Hyrule from Ganondorf and Zant. Now a new threat appears. Dark Link. Link must once again set out on a quest to save Hyrule, but this time he's not alone. He’s joined by Jake the last member of the mysterious Shiekah tribe.

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Prologue: Power's New Host Edit

Dark link


Termina had been razed. The once beautiful fields now burned. The orange fires lit up the night sky and the horrid scene at the town. Bodies lay in the streets. No one was spared from the slaughter. The men, the women, the sick and the old, even the children. All lay dead on the ground, killed in cold blood. In the center of the burning town next to the clock tower stood the last of the guards surrounding a single young man. The young man wore a black tunic, with a dark gray long sleeve shirt and dark gray pants, a black hat, boots and gauntlets of leather. in his left hand was a long sword drenched in crimson blood, while the other held a shield. The sword had a black blade with savage little grooves near the hilt. One of the guards moved toward the young man and lunged with his spear. The warrior lept up in the air and landed on the shaft of the spear, snapping it in half. As the guard stared dumbly at the broken shaft the warrior swung his sword cleaving the guards head off. The other guards all dropped their spears and drew their swords. One guard swung at the warrior's back. The warrior spun around and knocked the sword away with his own and bashed his shield into the guards face. The blow snapped the guard's neck. The warrior spun around and with a single swing disemboweled three guards.

Only one guard remained standing. His sword noticeably shaking in his grasp. The warrior turned his blood red eyes to the guard. The guard screamed and charged swinging his sword wildly. The warrior easily blocked every swing. The warrior then ducked and sliced the guard's leg off at the knee. The warrior let the guard crawl a few feet before kicking him onto his back.

"Who... Who are you?" The guard asked the warrior.

"To you I'm Death." the warrior answered.” But the land of Hyrule will know me as Dark Link." Dark link then ran his sword through the guard's chest.

Triforce of PowerEdit

As Dark Link walked away from the burning town he glanced at the back of his left hand. He saw a glowing triangle shining through his gauntlet. "The Triforce?!" Dark Link said staring at the fabled triple triangle. The top triangle glowed more brightly than the others. "Soon we shall face each other again, Link."

Chapter 1: The NightmareEdit

Bad dreamsEdit

Link and Ganondorf stood in Hyrule Field. Link held the Master Sword in his hand while Ganondorf held the very sword that was used in his failed execution. Ganondorf charged at Link swinging his sword in a decapitating arc. Link ducked under the blade and swung at Ganondorf's shins. Ganondorf lept over the strike and landed with a thud behind Link. Link turned and spun around just in time to block Ganondorf's strike with his shield. Link and Ganondorf then locked blades and began pushing against their enemy. With a great push Link shoved Ganondorf back and kicked him to the ground. While he lay stunned Link jumped up and drove the Master Sword through his chest. Link walked away as Ganondorf struggled to stand.

"This isn't over." Ganondorf gasped. "The history of Light and Shadow will be written in blood."

"Yeah in your blood." Link responded turning to the dying Gerudo Thief King.

Ganondorf turned his gaze to the back of his right hand. He was stunned to see that the Triforce of Power was no longer glowing. Then he just died on the spot still standing. Link moved forward to pull the Master Sword out of Ganondorf's chest. As he did he felt an immensely dark presence behind him. Link Spun around as Ganondorf’s body fell limp on the ground and saw Princess Zelda striding over to him. When Zelda reached Link she suddenly went limp and fell into his arms dead. Link looked up and to his horror saw himself standing in a burning field with bodies lying all around him. Only this Link wore all black and had gray hair and blood red eyes. Link could only watch as the "demon" Link slaughtered everyone he knew at Ordon Village. The dark Link then turned to Link and said "I'm coming for you and your friends."

Life in OrdonEdit

Link jerked awake in his bed at Ordon Village. He rushed over to his window. Ordon wasn't in flames. His friends hadn't been murdered. Link heaved a sigh of relief and got dressed in his simple villager clothes. It's been two years since Link had saved Hyrule from Ganondorf and the Mad Usurper King of Twilight Zant.

"I save Hyrule from being enslaved by a maniac and instead of becoming a general or something in the Hylian army I come back here to be a farmer." Link said jokingly to himself while heading over to Fado's house so they could get to work herding goats with Link's horse Epona. Link didn't regret his decision it just got boring here after a while.

When Link finished working he was approached by his friend Rusl." Link would you mind helping me with a small problem?." Rusl asked.

"Like what?" Link asked.

"Just some bokoblins that are getting too close to the village." Rusl explained.

"Let me grab my sword.' Link said heading home.

"I'll meet you by the gate." Rusl called.

Chapter 2: Jake the ShiekahEdit

Crashing a dinner partyEdit

Link and Rusl stood at the front of the gate leading into Faron Forest. "You ready Link?" Rusl asked as he unlocked the gate.

"You bet." Link said pulling his sword from its scabbard. The gate slid open as Link and Rusl strode into the forest swords in hand. Before long the two heard the loud cries of bokoblins before they ate.

"I almost feel bad about crashing their dinner party." Rusl said jokingly.

:"I'm sure our invitations got lost in the mail." Link responded with a grin. The two stalked towards the loud creatures and hid behind some bushes and looked at the bokoblins as they feasted on a large bulbo. The bokoblins were about the same size as Link but had blue skin and savage faces.

"Let's go Link!" Rusl yelled leaping from the bushes. A bokoblin turned as Rusl ran his sword through its gut. Link charged forward and cut off another bokoblin's head. The remaining six bokoblins had managed to grab their clubs by now and were all charging toward Link and Rusl.

Link sidestepped as one bokoblin swung its club at him and cut open the stomach of another one. Link then spun around and impaled the first bokoblin through the back. Another bokoblin lept at Link bringing its club down. Link rolled out the way and sliced the bokoblin's leg clean off, lifting it in the air. As it landed Link ran his sword through it.

420px-Hooded jedi

Link turned to see that Rusl had killed two more and was moving in on the third. Just before Rusl's sword cut the bokoblin in half an arrow flew into it and pinned the creature to a tree. Link and Rusl turned to see a hooded figure approach them. The person wore a leather shirt, loose fitting pants, leather boots, and a dark brown cloak. "Sorry was that your kill?" the figure said pulling his hood back. "The name's Jake." Jake was young, probably 16, but his face was hard and cold. His dark brown hair hung down to his shoulders and his eyes were bright red. "Jake of the Shiekah tribe at your service."

The ShiekahEdit

"That was a great shot." Link said as Jake walked over to the pinned bokoblin. The arrow had gone through it's mouth.

"what are you talking about?" Jake said pulling the arrow out. "I missed."

"But you shot through the mouth!" Rusl said not believing Jake thought he missed.

"I was aiming for the heart." Jake explained putting the arrow in his quiver. He then pulled off his pack and began checking his supplies.

"If you need more supplies you could restock at our village." Link offered guessing Jake was running low.

"Thanks." Jake said throwing his pack over his shoulder. During their walk back to Ordon Village Jake told Link and Rusl about the Shiekah, or rather what was left of them. The Shiekah were bodyguards, tutors, and in extreme cases assassins to the Royal Family. Whatever the Royal Family needed them for they were able to do. But something happened long ago, so long ago that almost no one remembers the exact events and most of the Shiekah vanished. Jake and his grandmother Impaz are the last known-surviving members of the tribe. The most distinguishing feature of Shiekah was their bright red eyes.

The Farm Boy vs. the AssassinEdit

Jake restocked his supplies at Sera's store and was about to leave when he saw Link training with his sword. Deciding it was getting late Jake chose to stay the night.

Link was going through his sword drills in front of his house. He swung his sword overhand and immediately began a complicated sequence of slashes, lunges, and parries. Half way through one of his sequences Link heard the faint sound of a blade cutting through air. Link turned just in time to bock a strike from Jake's sword. Link stared with confusion at Jake as he took a dueling stance Link had never seen before.

"Practice bout?" Jake asked reading Link's expression.

Understanding dawned on Link and he nodded saying "Show me what you got." Jake swung his blade overhand and Link blocked the strike half way. The sound of their steel clashing echoed throughout the village. Link had almost forgotten what it felt like to fight an actual opponent. Jake was extremely skilled with a sword. The children of the village all gathered around to watch the fight. By the final exchange both Link and Jake were drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. Jake lunged forward at Link who knocked the blade aside and flicked his wrist upward knocking the blade from Jake's hand. Link then swung his sword at Jake who managed to dodge all the strikes. Jake rolled away from Link grabbing his sword off ground. Getting back to his feet Jake swung his blade as Link lunged forward with his. The two stopped just short of killing each other.

"You're good." Jake said between breaths. "For a farm boy."

"So are you." Link replied "for an assassin." The two were then surrounded by the cheering children most of whom were asking if Link and Jake could show them how to fight like that. By nightfall Link asked Jake if he wanted to stay at his house for the night. Jake declined stating he preferred to sleep under the night sky.

Jake sat high in a tree staring at the moon. In the distance something caught his eye. He saw smoke rising from deep in the forest. "Probably just someone camping." he said to himself having no idea how wrong he was.

Chapter 3: The Invasion of OrdonEdit

Link's rescueEdit

A loud shriek jerked Link awake. He ran to his window and saw a massive group of bulbins, moblins and miniblins rushing toward the village. Link hurried to his basement and threw on his chain mail shirt followed by his green tunic. he buckled his belt and put on his leather boots and gauntlets. Lastly he threw on his green cap and grabbed his sword, shield, and the Gale Boomerang. As he entered his living room a moblin crashed through his front door. The large pig like monster stared down at Link and roared a harsh battle cry. it swung its halberd at Link who using his greater agility rolled under the monster and stabbed it through the back. As Link ran towards the village he was spotted by a small group of bulbins. Link cast the Gale Boomerang at who he guessed to be the leader. the weapon crashed into the bulbins head producing an audible crack. The boomerang bounced of the bulbins head and came back to Links hand. Link drew his sword and ran into the fray. Using the boomerang as a club Link hacked and bashed through the bulbins until they all fell. As the last one dropped Link heard his childhood friend Illia scream.

"Illia!" Link yelled as he ran toward the scream. If Illia, Colin, or any of the children were hurt Link would make who ever hurt them pay. Link rounded a corner as the children were being herded into a cage. Rage consumed Link as he charged forward A moblin stepped forward and swung its halberd at Link's legs. Link jumped over the halberd and brought his sword down on the creature's head, splitting its helm. As the moblin dropped several miniblins swarmed over to Link chanting their squeaky battle cries. One lept up toward Link and was swiftly cut in half in mid air. Link quickly killed all the moblins and miniblins and turned to the cage to pick the lock.

"Link look out!" Colin cried. Too late. Link turned around and was bashed in the face by a bulbin's club. Link dropped to the ground unconscious.

Jake's battleEdit

Jake stood in the center of group of bulbins. His curved blade held tightly in his hand. A hiding villager watched as Jake took his starting stance, blinked, and saw Jake sheathing his sword as the bulbins dropped in pieces. Jake turned to the cowering villager and told him to leave. As the villager ran Jake heard a loud snorting sound behind him. Jake turned and saw two bulbins mounted on a bulbo. The bulb snorted as it charged toward Jake. Without blinking Jake drew his sword and ran toward the charging bulbo. At the last second he lept in the air kicked off the top of the bulbo's snout and ran his sword through both bulbins.

With its riders gone the bulbo stopped and began grazing on the grass. Jake hopped up on it's back and steered it toward a large group of moblins. The bulbo crashed through the group killing seven of them. As Jake turned the bulbo around the moblins readied their halberds. Jake lept off the bulbo just before it got skewered. He rolled to a stop in front of the moblins and cut down as many as he could. But their numbers eventually over came him and Jake was captured.

Rusl's fallEdit

Rusl stood and watched as the monsters retreated. He breathed a sigh of relief that no one was injured in the attack.

"Worthless creatures." a voice said behind him. Rusl turned to face Dark Link.

"Link is that you?" Rusl asked thinking it was Link.

"Not quite old man." Dark Link said drawing his sword. "I'm a lot more dangerous than those pathetic creatures." With that Dark Link swung his sword at Rusl who barely blocked it. Rusl began going through all his moves and Dark Link easily blocked or countered every strike. Desperate Rusl performed his most powerful attack. This even took Dark Link by surprise and Rusl managed to impale his blade through Link's doppelganger. Dark Link stood there with Rusl's sword in his chest and laughed. "You're certainly more skilled than those Terminians I'll give you that old man." Dark Link said as Rusl pulled his blade free. "But you are nowhere near powerful enough to defeat me. Give my regards to the afterlife."

Dark Link Swung his sword so fast that Rusl couldn't even follow its movement. He merely stood there as blood began to poor out of a wound that suddenly appeared on his chest. He dropped to knees as Dark Link walked out of the village. Rusl the swordsman was no more.

Chapter 4: The Forest ArenaEdit


Link awoke with a massive headache. He reached up to rubbed his head and felt dried blood."Bulbin must've hit me pretty hard." Link groaned.

"You have no idea." Jake said from beside him. "You were out for like seven hours." "Where are we?" Link asked looking around. The room they were in was barren with the only light being sunlight that drifted into the room through the holes in the ceiling.

"When I came to we were being brought into a giant tree." Jake explained tearing a strip off his cloak and tieing it around his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Link asked watching Jake blindfold himself.

"They don't know i'm a shiekah and I would like to keep it that way." Jake explained thowing his cloak away. "These creatures probably know the value of a shiekah survivor." As Jake explained this the door opened and a dozen moblins and a withered old man came in.


"Good morning my friends." the old man's voice rasped. He turned to Jake and asked "Why are you blindfolded?"

"Your pet moblins blinded me when they knocked me out." Jake lied "Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Dagon and you are tonights entertainment." Dagon said with a bow.

"And if we refuse?" Link asked

"I thought you would ask that." Dagon said as balls of dark energy formed in his hands. Without warning he shot the dark energy at Link and Jake striking them both in the chest, and knocking them unconscious. "Take them to the arena." Dagon said turning to the moblins.


Link and Jake woke up suspended in the air by chains in an arena. The room was filled with screaming creatures in the stands. Dagon stood in the center of the arena and began speaking with a magicly enhanced voice.

"My children, I present to you for your viewing pleasure these two sacrifices to Bayern the Forest Lion!" As he spoke a giant lion entered the arena and roared. Bayern sprinted toward Dagon and attempted to pounce on him. Dagon merely teleported away. "Bayren your snack is over there!" Dagon said pointing out the suspended warriors.

"We're in touble aren't we?" Jake asked as Bayern started toward them.

"Big trouble." Link said watching thier approaching doom. "Sorry Jake." Link said as he kicked Jake in his side, causing them both to swing out of the way of Bayern's leap. The two collided into each other as Bayern flew by.

"Don't do that again." Jake said as Link kicked him a second time. Bayern once again flew passed them. "While you swing around like a monkey I'll be getting out of here." With that Jake pulled himself up and grabbed onto the chain thet held him in the air. Jake then started climbing the chain till he felt it was high enough. "This should be fun." Jake let go of the chain and dropped. When he reached the bottom his shackels snapped from the force and Jake was free. One of the moblins in the arena charged forward and swung it's halbred at Jake. Jake grabbed the shaft and pulled the weapon out of the moblin's hands and stabbed it through it's heart.

"Could you help me out here Jake?" Link called keeping one eye on the approaching Bayern. Without a word Jake turned and threw the halbred at Link's shackels. The shackels broke and Link was also freed. Convienently the moblin Jake killed was holding both of thier swords. Link grabbed both and handed Jake his curved blade. "Now the fun starts."

Escape and ConfrontaitonEdit

"Bayern! Kill them!" Dagon screamed as the warriors drew thier swords. Bayern Charged toward Link and Jake as they readied themselves. Jake ran forward and knelt to the ground and cut Bayern's legs out from under him. Bayren flew forward propelled by his momentum and Link drove his sword through the top of Bayern's head. "KILL THEM!" Dagon screamed at the moblin's in the stands.

The moblins swarmed into the arena surrounding Link and Jake. Dagon left the room seething in anger. "You go after the old man." Jake said to Link. "I'll take care of the pigs."

"You sure?" Link asked "There's alot of them."

"I won't make the same mistake twice." Jake responded confidently. "Now go!" Link charged forward and cut a swathe through the moblins to the exit. Meanwhile Jake slowly stalked forward and waited for them to make the first strike. He waited and listened for that first mistake. A moblin jabbed its halbred at Jake. He knocked it aside and ran his sword through the moblin. All the moblins around him lunged forward and tried to impale him from all sides. Jake dropped to the floor and spun around with his blade held out. The moblins all cried out in pain as they fell to the floor missing thier legs. All the other moblins backed up a few steps giving Jake some breathing room, and room to manuver. "This is where the fun begins, and many lives end." Jake said to himself.

Link fought his way through the temple after he had stumbled upon the armory. Inside was his shield, the Gale Boomerang, and Jake's bow and daggers. Link continued until he found a heavily locked door. Must be something important inside if it's locked Link thought to himself. He swung his sword and broke the lock. The door slid open and Dagon was inside sitting on a throne.

"So you escaped." Dagon sid with a smirk. "Where's your friend, Dead already?"

"By now he's probaly done killing all your moblins." Link responded. "Now I'm going to stop you."

"So you say. You're most welcome to try." Dagon said right before he cast a large ball of energy at Link. Link block the attack with his shield and began running towards Dagon. The old wizard merely casted more and more attacks, each at stronger levels. Using his agility Link dodged, ducked, rolled, and weaved around the waves of energy. As Dagon charged his last ball, Link lept in the air and landed just in front of him.

"Surrender now." Link said holding his blade to Dagon's throat.

"Well done." Dagon said not moving a muscle. "I would expect no less from The Hero of Twilight. But I have no intention of surrendering. Hyrule will fall." With that Dagon produced a blinding flash and disappeared.

Your eyes may decieve you, your nose may mislead you, but your ears will never lie to you, Jake's grandmother, Impaz had drilled this lesson into his head as a child. He had never believed it until now. He knew exactly how many moblins were arround him based on the sounds they made. There were only six left.

"Six steps." He said aloud as the first moblin attacked. One, Jake steped around the moblin and dragged his sword across its back. Two, Jake took astep forward and cut a moblin from it's right shoulder to left hip. Three, Jake hopped over the halbred swung at his legs and ran his sword through the moblin. Four, Jake steped and cut the head off another moblin. Five, Jake moved on step and slced a moblin in half from it's groin to it's head. Six, Jake stepped forward and threw his sword into the last moblin's gut.

Link returned as the last moblin dropped, Jake removed his blindfold. He handed Jake his equipment and they searched the temple for the children. They were nowhere to be found.

"We have to find them!" Link said as they searched the last room.

"We will find them but first we need to find Dagon." Jake said in an attempt to calm Link. "We find Dagon and we'll force him to tell us where they are." The two left the temple and headed back to Ordon Village for their supplies.

Chapter 5: Beginning a JourneyEdit

A Warrior's FuneralEdit

Link and Jake returned to find Ordon in a very morbid scene. Everyone was in black gathered around a fresh mound of dirt. Rusl's wife Uli knelt by the mound weeping.

"No." Link said realizing that Rusl was no where in sight. "No, no, no." Link pushed his way through the crowd until he came to the foot of the grave. "Dagon's gonna pay dearly for this." he whispered. Tears began rolling down his cheeks as he walked to Uli. He knelt beside her and she embraced him. Rusl had been like a father to Link after his parents died. Rusl's family had taken him in until he was old enough to provide for himself. Losing Rusl was like losing his Father all over again. Link and Uli stayed at the grave in vigil for Rusl all afternoon. Jake stood in the distance feeling he didn't have the right to mourn the man he didn't know.

Before long after everyone else had left Jake walked over and placed his hand on Link's shoulder. "We've got to get going." He said looking at the grave. When Link didn't move Jake pulled him to his feet and looked him straight in the eyes. "Remember this feeling. Use it as motivation. Hold on to it, and when we find Dagon, you unleash it." Jake said.

Link dropped his gaze and turned to Uli. "We'll bring the one who did this to justice." he promised her.

Selecting EquipmentEdit

Link was down in his basement gathering what he would take with him. He grabbed the double clawshot, his bow and sixty arrows, some glass jars, and his Zora armor. He packed it all on Epona's saddle. He also took the horse whistle charm that Illia gave him two years ago. The charm allowed Link to call Epona from anywhere.

Outside Jake gathered food and water for thier journey. Once he gathered enough food he began gathering deku seeds so he could distract his enemies. Once he gathered fifty of them he went outside of Link's house. Link was saddleing up Epona with his equipment.

"Do you have a horse?" Link asked

"No." Jake responded

"Then how are you going to keep up?" Link asked.

"You've obviously never seen a shiekah sprint." Jake said with a hint of a smile.

Link was sure that even if Jake sprinted as fast as he could he couldn't keep the pace with Epona. Which is why it was all the more humiliating when he followed only six steps behind.

Exchanging HistoriesEdit

After traveling for six hours Jake and Link stopped for the night. They were in the center of Southern Hyrule Field. Link was starting the fire as Jake hunted for food. As the fired roared to life Jake returned with a kagarok slung across his back.

"So what was the point of bringing food if your just going to go hunt?" Link asked as Jake began skinning the bird.

"We need to save the food for areas where the hunting is as good." Jake explained.

"Sound reasoning." Link said. Then Link realized that he knew virtually nothing about Jake. "Tell me about your self."

"What do you want to know?" Jake said not looking up from his work.

"I don't know. Let's start with your childhood." Link suggested.

"Well I was born in Kakariko Village." Jake started. "My grand-mother raised me, taught me about the Shiekah. As soon as I was old enough I left for the capitol. Unfortunatly I fell in with a bad group. After a few years of questionable actvities I was arrested in Termina. Spent one year in prison before this person came to see me. He offered freedom in exchange for joining his group. I joined without hesitation. We were a group of mercenaries fighting in little border skirmishes. I was called The Assassin due to my heritage. Over time I quit and came back here. Then I met you."

By the time Jake finished his tale he had finished skinning the kagarok and started cooking it. "Well what about you?"

"Well my only notable adventure happened two years ago. Before that I was just a rancher." Link told Jake about his adventure. How he had fought against the Twilight Realm along with the Twilight Princess Midna. He told about every event including the fierce battle against Ganondorf. By the time he finished the two had finished eating.

"Hmm it seems we both have had some interesting lives." Jake said laying on the ground.

"Looks like it." Link said laying down as well. Within the hour the two were asleep.

Chapter 6: Lake HyliaEdit

Choosing a pathEdit

When Link and Jake woke up they got out a map of Hyrule to decide where they woild begin searching for Dagon, and more importantly the others.

"We should probably start with Kakariko Village and Death Mountain." Link suggested.

"Maybe. It's the closest to us." Jake said studying the map.

As they packed up thier camp Link saw someone running over to them.

"Heeeeeyyyy!" the man cried as he got closer. It was the Postman. He ran up to Jake and said "I have a letter for Jake Reaver."

"That'd be me." Jake said taking the letter.

"Onward to Mail!" the Postman yelled as he ran away.

"Jake Reaver?" Link asked.

"It's my family name." Jake explained opening the letter.

Dear Jake,

I should have known you were a sheikah. Only they were ever that agile. Anyway I suppose you must be wondering how I know your name and heritage. Well to put it simply your dear grand-mother is very talkitive. If you want to save her and the liitle children you will want to pay a visit to my home at Lake Hylia.


"I think our destination's changed." Jake said crumbling the letter in his hand. "We're going to Lake Hylia."

Road to Lake HyliaEdit

Jake was silent as he sprinted over to Lake Hylia. His mind was set on one thought. Kill. Link and Epona struggled to keep the pace. The road was long and there were many enemies along the path. A small group of bulbins moved to intercept the two warriors.

Without stopping Jake grabbed his daggers and seemed to run right past them. After two seconds the bulbins all just dropped dead. As they approached the bridge Jake finally slowed down. Link got off Epona and walked beside Jake.

"So what's the plan?" Link asked Jake as he stood at the brideg entrance.

Jake walked over to the bridges edge and looked around the lake. He could not see any fortress or any place Dagon could be keeping the others.

"I don't know?" he said turning to Link. "I don't make plans I ruin them."

Common EnemyEdit

Moblin Slayer Zora

Link and Jake stood on the shore of Lake Hylia wondering where Dagon's fortress was. Then Link remembered the temple at the bottom of the lake.

"Maybe it's underwater." Link said moving to get the zora armor off of Epona's saddle.

"You're kidding right?" Jake said looking out to the lake. "Who would build a fortress underwater?"

"Crazy sorcerors and zoras." Link said while putting the armor over his tunic. "I'll be right back." Link ran into the lake and disappeared under its placid surface.

Link swam through the lake searching for any sign of a fortress or underwater cavern. The zora armor allowed him to breathe underwater. While he was swimming something rushed past him. As it turned back to Link recognized it as a zora. The zora stopped in front of Link and raised his spear.

"What are you doing here?" the zora demanded.

"I'm looking for Dagon." Link said through the armor's rebreather.

"Dagon!" the zora said jabbing his spear threateningly "You work for that murdering bastard!"

"No." Link said shoveing the spear away from him. "Let me explain."

Jake stood on the shore of the lake waiting for Link to return. How long can that guy stay under? Jake thought as he patiently waited. After ten minutes however Jake lost intrest in waiting and made a fishing pole out of a branch and fished for lunch. Five minutes pass before he gets a bite. Jake yanked with all his might and attached to the line was a zora, kicking, and screaming many profanities.

"Well what do you know?" Jake said pulling in his catch. "I caught the rarest fish in the world. The Swearing Zora." Link resurfaced and started laughing at the sight of Jake and his "fish". Once Jake untied the zora he introduced him self. The zora introduced him self as Raikov and told Jake and Link how Dagon had taken the zora Prince Ralis captive. "Wow that Old Man's pissing everybody off isn't he?"

"Jake, Link we have a common enemy here," Raikov said picking up his spear. "Will you help me rescue Price Ralis."

"That depends entirely on if you help me rescue my grand-mother and Link's friends." Jake said resting his sword on his shoulder.

"Yes we'll help you." Link cut in before Raikov started swearing again.

Chapter 7: The Shiekah SwordEdit

Divided ForcesEdit

Link, Jake, and Raikovstood at the shore of the lake as Raikov explained that he'd found Dagon's fortress. Link was right, it was underwater. In fact it was the underwater temple Link had explored two years ago. Link had some "good" times in that place.

"I can lead you guys to the temple." Raikov said "But I'm gonna need some help in taking out Dagon."

"Well I've actually been to that place before so I shouldn't have trouble finding it." Link said "You don't have to worry about me. Jake doesn't know where it is though."

"How hard can it be to find a temple at the bottom of the lake." Jake said placing his arms behind his head. "That being said however, unlike you two I don't have gills or whatever the Swearing Zora has, or a suit that lets me breathe underwater. So regretfully I willbe unable to join you two in the rescue mission."

"Well then what the hell are you going to do?" Raikov asked accusingly "Wait here and twiddle your thumbs?"

"I think I'll take a stroll, Swearing Zora." Jake said shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.

Underwater InfiltrationEdit

Link and Raikov swam silently through the water while approaching the temple. Raikov lead Link through a secret entrance known only to zoras. They surfaced in a round room deep in the temple. There were two lizalfos standing in the room. Raikov jumped out of the water and jammed his spear into the heart of one of the lizalfos. Raikov turned as the other swung his axe. Raikov ducked under the attack and slammed the butt of his spear against the back of the lizalfos' knee, causing the bone to break. As the creature screamed in agony Raikov ended it's life with a jab to the neck.

"Yeah that's right you Mother Fucker's!" Raikov yelled at the bodies.

"Would you mind keeping it down?" Link said slapping the back of Raikov's head. "We're trying not to be found here."

"Oh right." Raikov said ashamed of his belligerance. "Sorry."

Link and Raikov snuck through the temple. systematicaly going through every room and killing every creature they came across. They entered a room with a large pool of water in it. At the far end on the other side of the pool was a chest.

"Bet you 50 rupees that there's a horrible monster in the water." Link said with a look of disgust.

"That's a suckers bet." Raikov said shaking his head. "But if you're too afraid to go for a swim I'll go."

Link looked at Raikov for a split second before diving into the pool and swimming for the chest. Link made it to the other side uninterupted. He opened the chest and found a dagger with a chain attached to the bottom of the hilt. As Link swam back to Raikov a large shadow appeared in the water rapidly heading toward Link.

Shadows vs. DarknessEdit

Jake paced along the shore of the lake in a vain effort to stay patient. Jake was not one to stay in one area too long and Link and the Searing Zora were taking far Jake longer than he expected. Jake stopped and began to inspect his sword. In the past he had often done this to calm himself. Pullinng it from it's sheath he examined the fine craftsmenship of the blade. Despite the blade being centuries old it was still sharper than any other sword Jake had ever seen. He swung the sword experimentaly and listened to the faint sound it made cutting through the air. He stopped examining the weapon however when he heard the sound of crunching sand behind him. Jake spun around and brought his blade to Dark Link's throat.

Link, no that's not him. Red eyes, is he a Sheikah? "You look like someone I know." Jake said aloud.

"I get that alot." Dark Link said gently pushing Jake's sword away from his throat.

Jake lowered his blade as Dark Link took a step back.

"Who are you?" Jake asked staring into Dark Link's blood red eyes.

"No one of consequence to you." Dark Link smoothly said. At that moment Jake rushed forward and cut Dark Link down. As Dark Link fell to his knees Jake sheathed his sword.

"You're right." Jake said turning away from the body. "I don't concern myself with the dead." Jake hadn't taken two steps away from the body before he heard a faint sound behind him. He turned just in time to duck under Dark Link's swing. Jumping away from his attacker Jake drew his sword and readied him self for battle. Dark Link attacked with an overhand swing that Jake cleanly redirected. Jake then slid his blade up Dark Links but got caught in the grooves near the hilt. Dark Link flicked his wrist up and sent Jake's sword flying through the air. Jake rolled away from Dark Link's next attack and caught his sword as it descended.

"You're good." Dark Link said observing Jake's agility.

"It's in the blood." Jake said with a savage grin. "So I'll ask again who or what are you?"

"I'm essentially your friend Link." Dark Link said looking away from Jake. "Or at least the parts of him that didn't get into the final game."

"So you're all the Reject parts huh?" Jake said taking a step forward.

"Yes I suppose that's one way of looking at it." Dark Link said turning back to Jake. He has some guts insulting me like that. Perhaps I'll show them to him.

Dark Link jammed his sword into the sand and launched it at Jake's face. The sand went straight into his eye's temporaily blinding him. While blinded Jake listened for Dark Link's approach. He heard his steps crunch against the sand and the blade cutting through air. Jake blocked with his own sword and kick Dark Link in the stomach. Jake listened to the satisfying sound of his enemy rolling on the sand.

"How?" Dark Link gasped getting to his feet.

"Two things Reject. One I've trained my ears to pick up very faint sounds and two my sword sees for me sometimes." Jake explained. "You see this blade is the Sheikah sword, it increases my awareness to unparralled levels."

"I see. So that's the legendary Assassin's Blade." Dark Link said catching on. "The sword blessed by the Shadow Gods themselves. Well I would love to stay and finish this but I have a prior engagement." With those words Dark Link disappeared leaving Jake alone on the shore.

Cahpter 8: BetrayalEdit

Of Insanity and GyorgsEdit

Link swam through the water as a fin rose behind him. Raikov yelled a harsh battle cry as he leapt into the pool. With the speed of an arrow Raikov shot past Link and tackled the thing behind him, driving his spear into the creatures hide. The creature thrashed in the water causing Raikov to lose his grip. By that point Link had reached the end of the pool and turned to help the zora. The monster resembled a gyorg. It snapped at Raikov who at this point was fleeing deeper into the water with the shark like creature following.

Link drew his sword and plunged it into the wall. Wrapping his newly aquired chain dagger around his wrist, Link planted both feet frimly against the sword and kicked down with all his strength. As he plunged deeper and deeper into the pool Raikov swam straight passed him. The gyorg however appeared in front of him, it's jaws wide open. Link shot straight into the fish's mouth, slashing wildy and cutting the creatures throat from the inside. Link dragged himself out of it's mouth and swam back to the surface. Raikov waited with Link's sword in his hand.

"you didn't happen to grab my spear while you were being digested did you?" Raikov asked with a grin.

"Sorry must have slipped my mind." Link apologized.

After Raikov retreived his spear from the gyorg's corpse they left the room in high spirts.

"Are all Hylians crazy bastards like you?" Raikov asked.

"No actually." Link replied. "I'm one of the sane ones." They both laughed as they entered the next room.

A Drop of BloodEdit

Dagon sat on his throne waiting for the two intruders to find him. He knew of their presence the moment they set foot in his fortress.

Those fools thought they could sneak up on me? I don't know if I should laugh or be insulted. Dagon for once had everything planned out. Dagon used the children from Ordon, the elderly shiekah woman, and the zora prince as bait to bring Link, Jake, and the Zora to him. Once they arrived Dagon would kill them all and take Link's blood. Dark Link would then take him to the place where Link defeated the powerful Ganondorf. Then Dagon would strike down Dark Link and steal his power. Once he used Link's blood to bring Ganondorf back from the dead he would use him to take over Hyrule. Once he had fulfilled his purpose Dagon would kill him too.

"And all I need to set my plans in motion is a single drop of blood." Dagon laughed.

Link and Raikov stalked to the last door in the temple. Sword and sheild in Link's hand, spear in Raikov's.

"Dagon must be in here." Link whispered.

"Then let's go kill that bastard." Raikov said moving for the door. The door slid noiselessly open and the two entered a dark room. The only light was at the end shining on a skeleton throne with Dagon seemingly asleep on it. Link and Raikov silently charged at the sorceror. But before they made it halfway across the chamber a loud bloodcurdling shreik froze them in there tracks. The torches in the room all lit at once and showed that the two were surrounded by redeads slowly edging their way towards their frozen prey.

"Well well well. It seems I've made quite the catch here." Dagon said rising from his throne. "Where's the Shiekah?"

"Working on his tan." Raikov said trying to regain control of his body.

"Eh, it doesn't matter he will soon be sharing your fate." Dagon said as a horde of stalfos flooded into the room. "Kill them and bring me the boy's blood. By this point Link and Raikov regained control of their bodies and began striking down all the undead monsters that came at them. Dagon watched intently as the two defeated wave after wave of stalfos, stalkins, and redeads.

"Enough of this." Dagon cried becoming bored. He raised his hand and cast an orb of magic into the area with the most creatures, and worked his way across the chamber. Link and Raikov began to ignore the undead horde and slowly began their charge, ducking and weaving around the orbs. Raikov hurled his spear at the sorceror who gracefully stepped out of it's path while Link swung the chain dagger at him. The chian wrapped around his wrist and Link pulled with tremendous strength, pulling Dagon off balance. Taking advantage of the situation Link charged forward as Raikov approached from behind after he retreived his spear. As Link and Raikov lunged forward sn invisble force flung them into the center of the room while cutting into their flesh. Blood dripped from the wounds of Link and floated toward Dagon who stood with an open vile. The blood neatly poured into it, filling it halfway before stopping.

Dagon laughed maniacally as he held up his prize. He turned his wicked gaze to Link. "Your services are no longer required." He said holding up an open palm.

"Funny. I was about to say that." a voice said from behind Dagon. Dagon spun around to see Dark Link, who plunged his sword through Dagon's heart. Dagon's face contorted with pain as he dropped to his knees. "You didn't really think I would let you live past this point did you. Very poor planning on your part." Dark Link said before beheading the sorceror.

Nightmare becomes RealityEdit

Link watched in horror as his nightmare seem to have become reality. Dark Link turned his blood red eyes away from the headless sorceror to his good counterpart. He then turned his gaze to Raikov, who was going from Link to Dark Link and back.

"Well, well, well." Dark Link said slowly approaching Link. "You look almost exactly like your ancestor, The Hero of Time."

"Who are you?" Link asked raising his sword to ward off the approaching killer.

"Like I told your friend on the beach, I'm all the pieces of you that did not make into the final game." Dark Link said crossing his black sword against Links. "And I'm really angry about it." Dark Link suddenly jerked his wrist sideways and knocked Link's blade to the side, and thrusted his sword toward Link's chest. Link raised his sheild and blocked the stab while bringing his sword at Dark Link's neck. Link's doppelganger countered with his own sheild and kicked Link square in the chest. Link slid back and narrowly ducked under another strike from Dark Link. Link swung his sword and Dark Link mirrored the move exactly. Link continued his attack only to have Dark Link copy and counter the move with ease.

Meanwhile Raikov snuck behind Dark Link and thrusted his spear at his back. At the last second Dark Link turned around and caught the spear with his sheild. The spear shattered against the hard metal of the sheild. As Dark Link was about to kill the zora Link drove his blade through Dark Link's back. Dark Link looked down at the blade protruding from his chest and laughed.

"That's exactly the same spot where Old Man Rusl stabbed me, right before I killed him."

"That was you!?!" Link said shoving his blade in deeper. Without warning Link felt an elbow strike his stomach, knocking the wind out of him, followed by a kick to the face.

"Yeah that was me." Dark Link said looking at Link while pulling the sword out of his back. "Did you think Dagon killed him? Ha! That old geizer couldn't kill a fly with that useless magic of his." Throwing Link's sword at his feet Dark Link raised his hand and showed him the Triforce glowing brilliantly on the back. "With this power nothing can stop me."

"Stop you from doing what?" Link asked picking up his sword.

"What would be the use of telling someone who's going to die soon?" Dark Link said before rushing up to Link. Link tried to block the furious assault, but his sword wasn't up to the task. Dark Link's foul blade sliced right through the blade as Link fell back. Dark Link hesitated a moment, savoring his victory, when the ceiling explouded. Water poured in through the hole, along with Jake who screamed as he fell upon Dark Link stabbing him as he hit the ground. Dark Link faded away and reappeared by Dagon's headless corpse. He picked up the vial of Link's blood and disappeared again.

"Let's go!" Jake said rushing to the door where the prisoners were. Once they were released, all of them rushed for path Dagon brought them through.

Chapter 9: The Master SwordEdit

The Need for a BladeEdit

"I'll give that Reject bastard one thing." Jake said between heavy breathes, "He can take alot of punishment, that must have been the third time I stabbed him in just an hour."

"Would you shut the hell up!" Raikov yelled at Jake. "In case you didn't notice we just got our asses kicked!"

As the two argued Link took Colin aside. "Colin, Rusl's..."

"Dead. I know." Colin broke Link off.

"I'm sorry." Link said trying to search for the right words.

"There was nothing you could've done Link." Colin said, "He would've wanted you to not to grieve for him."

"When did you become so grown up?" Link said staring warily at the young boy.

"I'm not sure." Colin replied dimbly. Link felt a stab go through his heart. Colin's innocence had been lost during these events.

Link turned around as Jake got Raikov in a headlock. "Would you two break it up!" Link yelled at the two. As they turned to Link three zoras approached them. Link asked if they would watch over the children. Link turned to Prince Ralis as he approached.

"Link I am in your debt. If you ever require the assisstance of the zora's, we'll stand with you to the end." Ralis said shaking his hand.

"I'll keep that in mind." Link repied letting go of the princes hand. "If you don't mind I would like to keep Raikov with me."

"Of course." Ralis said.

The three warriors departed without a word of goodbye. Jake ran along side Epona, who was now carrying both Link and Raikov. They traveled for about an hour before one of them spoke.

"So what's the plan?" Jake asked trying to break the silence.

"I need a new weapon." Link said.

"Well let's stop by Castle Town Market and find a black..." Raikov began

"A normal blade won't work." Link cut in, "I need one blade in particular."

"You mean the Master Sword don't you?" Jake asked knowing the answer.

"Yes." Link answered simply.

By the days end they were back in Faron Forest just outside the entrance of the Sacred Grove. "I need to go alone from here." Link said getting off of Epona.

"Why is that?" Jake asked catching his breath.

"It's just something I need to do by myself." Link told him. "Can I borrow your sword Jake?"

"Sorry but no." Jake said shrugging his shoulder's.

Now it was Link's turn, "Why is that?"

Jake offered the hilt of his sword to Link. "Try." He simply said. Link reached out and wrapped his hand around the hilt and tugged. The sword remained in it's sheath. Link tugged harder and it still remained. "Tie a rope to it and Epona and it still won't come out. Only I can use this weapon."

Well what am I going to do about weapon for the moment?" Link asked getting frustrated.

"Isn't the whole point of us coming here you getting a new weapon?" Raikov asked.

"The Master Sword has a guardian." Link told him, while Jake walked over to a near by tree. He reached up and grabbed a branch, snapping it off. Jake walked over and tossed it to Link, who caught it and stared dumbly at it. "Gee, thanks." he said dripping with sarcasm.

"We'll be at your house." Jake called while leading Epona away.

Skull KidEdit

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