Hey, so this is my first RPG project. Basically, I need help on a few things, and I figured, since this is Zelda Fanon wikia, that I could find most of the help I need here. Don't worry, I don't need any coding help; I already know how to do that. I just need a few things:

  • Game's Script (Not the game's coding, but the actual dialogue)
  • Maps (I already have a map of all of Hyrule; I just need one for the levels.)
  • Places where I could find music from ALttP ( A Link would be nice)

Any suggestions? Put them below.




Legal StuffEdit

Half of the credit goes to Nintendo, the creator of the LoZ series, and the other half goes to Enterbrain, the people who created RPG maker. No persons shall sell the game, regardlesss of whether or not profits are made. (I wouldn't get mad, but Nintendo and Enterbrain would.)

Moblin slayerYou will remember it all let it blow your mind again... --Disturbed
This is a Moblin slayer production.

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