Author: Hero Of Wisdom, more commonly known as Relyt

Genre: Adventure, Action, Romance

Summary: Ganondorf has been gone for centuries yet evil continues on. Hylians, the guardians who protect the world from evil are slowly dying out. Chaos is beginning to spur as a new clash for supremacy breaks. Moral value being lost, a boy and his wolf try to live the life of adventurers in a world that is slowly eating itself away. The world slowly ending, heroes are needed and he's the greatest they have.

Timeline: Undetermined

Disclaimer: Well, to much to say. Nintendo, if you see this, you guys get 99.9% and own your stuff.

Major Characters: Gil, Joel, Saria, Telma, Agitha, Paw

Minior Characters: Everyone else

Rating: PG13 - Action, Romance, ADVENTURE

Comment: Please leave a comment on the chapters talk to tell me what you think about the chapter you read.


  • Prologue - How Gil and Joel met...
  • Fireworks and Fire Bombs - G/J help Saria with a festival...
  • The Insect Kings - Gil and Agitha uncover something more than just a bug colony...
  • On Thin Ice - Gil races his rival, Ralta, for Zelda's Contest Prize...
  • Bitter Ball - G/j attend Ruto's party with Katie and Rari... but not everyone made the guest list...

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