Author:Hero Of Wisdom, more commonly known as Relyt

Genre:Adventure, Action

Summary: Two new heroes to fulfill the prophecy. As the time they the spend apart grows, so does the evil they must stop. With not much time to form a new friendship, evil's hands close in on the tools of annihilation. Back forth between realms they must go to find what these tools are. But as the the new heroes find these tools and fight the evil that lust them so badly, the heroes must make a decision from what they have learned and what he have observed. At the hour of of doom, they will see who exactly is on the side of good and make their decision from then that shall change the future...good or bad though?

Timeline:POST Mixed timeline

Disclaimer:Nintendo, you know whats yours and I knows whats mine.

Major Characters:Relyt, Nevets, Midna, Zelda, Anton, Stin, Ilia, Malon, Saria, The fairies, Eden, Nairda, Ganondorf

Minior Characters:Anyone who isn't a main character

Rating:M for Mature

Author Notes:

  • Argorok and Shadow were originally named Nevets and Nairda
  • This is not going to sound like The LoR, it may be similar but not really.
  • Ilia is not evil here
  • Darvus was originally to be named Ekalb but was taken out for dramatic reasons


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