The Legend Of Relyt: The Bay

Author:Hero Of Wisdom, more commonly known as Relyt

Genre:Adventure, Action, Romance

Summary:As time and wind slowly shift to the dark side, a new enemy has been born

Timeline:POST After The Legend Of Relyt

Disclaimer:Well, to much to say. Nintendo, if you see this, you guys get 99.9% and own your stuff. Though the characters are mine, execpt Outset, the goddesses, people, and some other stuff.

Major Characters:Relyt, Ark, Stephani, Lena, Alex, Malon, Ilia, Linket, Ramone, Vaati, Bellum,Shadow, Majora

Minior Characters:Everyone else

Rating:R-Use of alcohol and underage drinking, Sexual Romance(not described), Blood, Profanity, Punks kickin' ass, and Hardcore; Intense; Cheating Fights

Comment:Please leave a comment on the chapters talk to tell me what you think about the chapter you read.


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