Me,"Where am I?"

Farore,"Uh, Relyt, have you decided who is going with you?"

Me,"Farore? Um, yes. It will be Ark, Malon, Ilia, Linket, Blondie and myself. Wait.......did I just say Malon?"

Farore,"Um, yes.....splendid, gotta go. But before I leave, you must get Vio. You are going to need him if you will leave. Well good luck...."

Me,"Wait, no, not Malon!!"

I wake up.

Me,'Damn, now I have to take her with me. This is not going to be a good time."

The next day, I look for Darvus and Argorok. They are getting a fruit-blend(AN:this ages smoothie). While there, I decide to steal one until Malon comes by.

Malon,"Relyt!! What are you doing!!?!!"

Stall Manager,"Hey! You gotta pay for that!!"

Me,"Crap. Darvus, Argorok, scatter-red!!"

Scatter-Red is a little code we came up with when ever we do something mischievous or chaotic. It is our escape pattern. Darvus knock something out of the way and Argorok will make a tornado. I make it rain and we should all begone by then. The same applies here. Sadly Malon grabs my arm. Even though I care for her, I still continue with my next action. I grab her breast so that she releases my wrist. I then shove her down and take off running.


I meet with Darvus and Argorok in front of my house.

Darvus,"I hate doing that."

Me,"Sorry. I needed to get away quickly. We have a mission from the Farore. We gotta go get Vio."


Me,"Well....the goddess left something out. Vio. Vio is what connects us away from cousins to brothers."

Darvus,"What are you saying?"

Me,"Vio is our brother. HE was born from Farore but, Nayru and Din had some kind of weird orgy with each other and, then they had a baby, the same day we were born. So he is alot closer to brother Argorok than Darvus and me."

Darvus,"Well..........why do we need him?"

Me,"I am leaving to another land to do some investigating on a......classified."

Argorok,"So he is taking your place? Well how do we find?"

Me,"With this. This black mirror. It leads into the Twilight Realm."

I use the mirror and we enter in. We head into Princess Midna's castle. There in front was the princess and a knight in purple armor.

Midna,"Relyt!!! I banned you from this realm!!! Guards!!!!"

Me,"Shut it b***h!!! We have come to take was is ours finally!!"

Midna,"And what just is that?"

Guards surround us. We take out our swords and prepare for a duel.

Me,"Vio. HEEEYAHHHHH!!!!!!!"

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