This is Majora's point of view and his speakings.


Me,"I am the root of all evil. Now that this boy has run off on a false lead, my plan will begin. I will soon destroy this land and all that it stands for. No one will ever fill the pain that this cursed place has caused me. I only wish that they would suffer what I have. But before that, they'd have to rot in there graves then be tortured by the angels and to be praised by the devil and his demonic minions and be confined to imprisonment into a mask for all of eternity for a rape against a 12 year old girl you never met or knew. I wish that I could destroy their hope and lives now, but I must be patient. Yet I have. And in that time, I grew wicked, insane, deadly and a monster. The hero may have trapped me for that moment, but now, these new heroes lives are sealed. Yes, time for my plot to begin, destroy hyrule."

???,"How do you plan that?"

Me,"Shadow? How nice to see you. I am going to release my dark legions now. Once they hit the surface of this world, they will plunge into a dark abyss of sorrow and sadness, and soon be destroyed through there chaos."

Shadow,"Well, Relyt will kill you anyway."

Me,"Ah yes, Relyt. I have foreseen his future and what it holds. He will become the hero, then enemy, then the monster, then.....hehehehehe, the god."

Shadow,"Well, he can change-"

Me,"Silence! The show is about to begin. Will you aid me in imprisoning Darvus and Argorok?"

Shadow,"I thought you'd never ask."

Me,"This world will soon be mine, as my terror has just begun!!! In this age of man, terror means nothing. But when I'm done, this will be a legend."

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