Me,"Really? I'm leaving now? Well Okay."



Farore,"I alerted them. They are ready, Ark has your stuff. Nerie will be your guide. You will be going to Termina. You will be investigating, The Great Bay."

Me, Ark and Blondie,"WE'RE GOING TO THE BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAHHH B***HES!!!!!!!!"

Vio,"Whats up with The Great Bay?"

Me,"At The Bay, all the greatest bands and other punks live there. This is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!"

Farore,"Be aware that this mission is dangerous. There is some unknown evil there. I don't remember that evil but it seems so familiar. Well good luck. If I learn anything, I will tell you. Link up your Pirate Charms before you leave."

Me,"Well, Darvus, Argorok, I'll miss you guys. I'll bring back some cool toys or ya two. Well peace Vio, stay at my house okay?"




Farore,"Warp is!!"

Me,"Yo!! Relyt: Out!!!!!"

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