We hack at every guard by us. Even the ones that aren't doing anything. I pull out the triforce pendant.

Me,"Midna, you must."

Midna,"....What!?! Damn the goddesses!! Oh Vio please tell me you won't get hurt!!"

The knight in purple takes his armor of. He looks like Argorok a bit.

Vio,"Yes my love. I promise to comeback without a scratch!!"

Me,"Lets go."

We take him and return to the Tower Of Gods.

Nayru,"Relyt!?!?!?! GET!!!!!!! OUT!!!!!"

Me,"How scary. Farore, we got him."

Nayru floats at me with her palms glowing. She thrust them at me. I dodge each one, then hit her nose with the hilt of my sword. Her nose begins to bleed and she runs away. Farore comes.

Farores,"Great. Now we need the others."

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