Author:Hero Of Wisdom, more commonly known as Relyt

Genre:Adventure, Action, Romance

Summary: Relyt, son of two different forces, returns to his home to find all hope is gone. Majora and his father Vaati have Hyrule tightly in grasp. With the help of his brother Argorok, Relyt journeys all throughout Hyrule in order to restore power to the goddesses and seek a way to reverse it all. Majora's power is unlike any other and if Relyt seeks to defeat him, he'll have to make the ultimate deal of his life... and soul.

Timeline:POST Majora's Rise

Disclaimer:Well, to much to say. Nintendo, if you see this, you guys get 99.9% and own your stuff. Though the characters are mine, execpt Outset, the goddesses, people, and some other stuff.

Major Heroes: Relyt, Argorok, Kaira, Saria, Tael, Tatl, Marie, Ark, Aryll, Gaizar, Viviasa

Major Villains: Vaati, Illia, Kraezar, Spaezer, Vio

Minior Characters:Everyone else

Rating:R-Use of alcohol and underage drinking, Sexual Romance(not described), Blood, Profanity and brutality at its finest

Comment:Please leave a comment on the chapters talk to tell me what you think about the chapter you read.

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