This is the prequel to the second book. It holds information that will be useful for the next one. This explains the events that lead up into Legend Of Relyt Majora's Rise. It holds secrets and a new twist, a fourth hero. This also explains what happens after Ganondrof's battle. This is the life of Relyt and his allies.


These are chapters that will hold information.

Chapter 1. New LifeEdit

Chapter 2. Find The PrincessEdit

Chapter 3. Protect Lon Lon RanchEdit

Chapter 4. BullyEdit

Chapter 5. FestivalEdit

Chapter 6. Help AryllEdit

Chapter 7. Gigi's FavorEdit

Chapter 8. Zelda's BirthdayEdit

Chapter 9. New QuestEdit

Chapter 10. VioEdit

Chapter 11. Relyt: OutEdit

Chapter 12. New riseEdit

(Majora's point of view)

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