Welcome to my second fan fic on Zelda Fanon. The last prince of Ikana follows Eden Du Ikana the son of Igos Du Ikana as he ventures to stop the moon falling onto Termina which is scheduled to happen in exactly one week. It runs as a side story to Majoras Mask including four days leading up to the events of Majora's Mask detailing some past events mentioned in the game such as the Gerudo Pirates stealing Lulu's eggs. But who exactly is Eden and what part did he have in saving the lives of all the people of his world?

Chapters Edit

Chapter One; Dead Kingdom

Chapter Two; Clock Town

Chapter Three; The Oncoming Storm

Chapter Four; Silent Snows

Chapter Five; Darmani

Chapter Six;The Guardian of Snow

Chapter Seven; The Gorman Troupe

Chapter Eight; The Zora Warrior

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