The Knights of Hyrule is the main military force of The Kingdom of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles.


The Knights of Hyrule first became a military force under Alphons Belforma and House Belforma, before Hyrule was unified the Knights were washed up military men and women who served in the Great War, after the Kingdom was formed all people under Alphons were transfered to the Knights to protect the Royal Family and the Kingdom from invaders.


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The main divisions of The Knights are listed here.

  • The Royal Cadets of Hyrule: Many young aspiring Knights join this division in their first step in joining the Knights, when the time comes they are sent to the Royal Knight's Academy to train for acceptance into the knights, training is tough but rewarding for those who are dead-set on being knights, the academy also has classes for the Navy and Air divisions of the Knights
  • The Knights of Hyrule: The main military force of Hyrule who protect the kingdom from outsiders and the Royal family, those who have fought through their training become knights are put into squads under a commander, knights who show strength and commitment can become leaders of their own squads.
  • The Royal Air Knights of Hyrule: Another division of the main Knights most of their combat training is regulated to the sky using rebuilt planes from The Great War, those who have graduated from the knight's academy are usually placed into flying squads who patrol Hyrule's skies and are the first to warn if there is trouble, most Air Knights are skilled in Wind Element Artes.
  • The Royal Naval Knights of Hyrule: The third division of the main Knights, most of their combat training is regulated on battleships that were salvaged from The Great War and recreated, those who have graduated from the Knight's Academy are stationed at Palmacosta or Portsmouth for additional training and to defend those major cities.
  • The Royal Guard of Hyrule: The main defence of the Royal Family, not much is known about them even to the highest commanders in the knights.

Notable SquadsEdit

This is a list of notable squads in the Knights

  • Team Niren: The most well known team in the Knights in the Sczhitonia incident, the squad is known for accepting knights of all levels and mostly new recruits, after the death of it's commander, it's unknown what the status of the team is currently.
  • Jonathan Belforma's Battalion: The battle hardened squad of the leader of the Belforma family, all members of the team are high level knights who are called in as the last resort of a battle, they only have lost three battles when they were forced to retreat, they were almost involved in the Sczhitonia incident until news reached Jonathan that the city was saved.
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