The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth Goddess series is a series of novels based off of multiple games in the Zelda game series. There are four (a chance of five, depending on the outcome of Skyward sword.) The series focuses on two characters: the Link in the game and an original character, Mallia.

Fourth Goddess series is based off of a single game from the original series. The Fourth Goddess tells about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Fourth Goddess Appears talks about Majora's Mask, The Fourth Goddess Returns features Wind Waker, and The Fourth Goddess Rises is based on Spirit Tracks.


Mallia: Holder of the Triforce of Darkness. Mallia appears in every part, playing a major role through Hyrule's history. She destroys the Halmorac King, crushes Majora when imprisoned in his mask, incinerates Cole, and slays Zant. She is friends with 4 Links and 3 Zeldas. She, as a Terminan, uses masks frequently, But gave them to her friend Skull Kid when she traveled to Hyrule (then the Great Sea). She is also responsible for Ganondorf's second sealment and death, Malludus's sealment, Majora's sealment, the death of the Hero of Time, the creation of Hero's Shade, and the restorement of Hyrule after the flood. Her enemies have been named above and have all passed. She is also friends with Tatl, Tael, Midna, Ilia, and Tetra's pirates. The sages, Lokomo, and giants despise her, but help her anyway. She now lives in Aboda Village, with her Husband, the twelth Link, in New Hyrule. She also stops by in Hyrule to check on other friends.

The Third Link: The Hero of Time. He defeats Majora in Termina and stops the moon. Years later, he drowns in the Great Sea. Mallia restores him by Triforce and now he lives as Hero's Shade.

The Tenth Link: The second to defeat Ganondorf, and held the Wind Waker. Passes years after he discovered New Hyrule.

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