Chapter 3
Hurry up!

Link, Leank, Skull Kid, and Shade Link dashed through a burning Castle Town with Navi, Tatl, and Tael, cutting down any Fire Demons they see to save as many villagers as they can. They see the menacing Fire God laughing, choking Malon on top of Hyrule Castle. He smiled, and a demonic sword materialized into his hand.
Link threw Overhacker at Flamius, and it impaled him through the head. He dropped Malon, whom Link caught.
"I knew you'd come."
Link and Malon kiss, and she quickly jumps onto her feet. Skull kid, who has retrieved Overhacker, tosses it to Link, who catches it. Link screams, and flies into the air, and impales Flamius in the stomach.
"Heh, like that could kill me. Get the hell away from me and let me do as I please."
Flamius rips Overhacker out of him, and heals instantly. He tosses it into Castle Town, then throws Link into a building, knocking him unconscious.

The Blue Cauldron

Link wakes up in the Blue Cauldron, a bit scarred. He opens his eyes to see Malon sitting on the side of the bed.
"What happened?"
"You're lucky you earned my respect long ago, or you wouldn't be lying down there. Flamius is at his castle, since his new plans just got ruined. I even went to the honor of retrieving Overhacker for you!"
Link got out of bed to see Malon, Shade Link, Leank, Navi, Tatl, Tael, and Skull kid looking at him.
You're lucky, Link. I got some hot water and fried Cucco for you."
Link took the fried Cucco and ate, happily. After finishing, he drank his water, then sprang out of bed, grabbed his sword and shield, and jumped out a window onto the ground, screeching like a maniac.
"Now you know why I ordered the room on the first floor."
Leank, Shade, Skull kid, Navi, Tatl, and Tael followed Link out of Kakariko village. Link was running at great speed, followed by his friends. They ran behind Hyrule Castle, running past or jumping over fighting creatures and knights as they notice that the flames of the castle have spread across the field, slowly heading towards Hyrule Castle.

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