Dooms Return Edit

Bellum looked at the kneeling phantoms,he was prepared to awake the only evil greater then him.He began a ritual over a corpse of the great evil Ganondorf. Ganondorf stood up and said:"Who are you?" "I am Bellum I awoke you so we could serve you." Ganondorf was most pleased."Come we shall now rule this world.",and took his new army to Hyrule castle.

Hyrule's fall Edit

Link walked through Kokiri Forest with Epona his horse.The sky then went blood red and trees withered and died. Lakes became deserts,mountains became volcanos,and Link saw Hyrule castle,it was now the source of the evil that spreaded through Hyrule. "Damn." "He just doesn't quit does he? " Link tied Epona to a nearby tree and set off to Hyrule castle.

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