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Genre:Action/adventure Licenses:Anything of my creation is mine,anything of original legend of zelda thing characters etc. is property of nintendo Main characters:Link,Zelda,Zilon,Midna,Armek,Reth,and Dane Rating:PG/PG-13/R

The Final Haunt Edit

Thanks for coming. It may take awhile to create so be patient Zelda fans!

Summary Edit

The Final Haunt takes place a month after Twilight Princess.A dimensional portal has brought Bellum to Hyrule, and he has returned Ganondorf to power and has helped him take the thrown of Hyrule. The king is dead,the Gorons are extinct,and Link must summon armies to free Hyrule.

Characters Edit

Link Zelda Zilon Midna Armek Reth Dane Ganondorf Veran Onox Bellum King Bulbin The Great Moblin Shiek Pac Zaleth Mithar

Parts Edit

Read these in order or there is no point in reading it.


Part one The war begins.....(rated PG-13)

Part two Midnas Return(rated PG)

Part three The rebellion(rated PG-13)

Part four The Zoras(rated PG)

Part five The army(rated PG)

Part six Zilons Revenge(rated R)

Part sevenThe Battle for Hyrule(rated PG-13)

Part eight The Final Haunt(rated PG-13)


Sequels Edit

The Emerald Eye The story of the scond great war.

The Fallen Fire Links son battles Ganon thrughout

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