The Destroyer Chronicles is a journy faced by Link on his 20th Birthday, it takes on Four parts where each develop the symphonies of chaos in their own way.

Season BackgroundsEdit

Season OneEdit

A Civil War splits The Kingdom of Hyrule, Link joins with Dark (a given form Dark Link) fight to protect Princess Zelda however a dark force overtakes Hyrule as a Shadowed Being intends to use Ganondorf's Dark Magic to awaken the Destroyer from his slumber, however is the Destroyer a obedient lamb or a a sly fox and what are the Conditions of his rising or the Consequences?

Season TwoEdit

The Death of Hyrule's King in an act of sacrifice allows Ganondorf to regain the Triforce of Power, however Ganondorf finds that the Shadowed Being has gained more control over Ganondorf's Triforce causing Ganondorf to be unable to betray the unknown Being, meanwhile the Civil War worsenes as news of the King's demise reaches the restless people. Meanwhile Ganondorf reveals that he needs something to release the Destroyer, rather he needs the Power of the Temples directed to where he intends to do a devilish ritual, that would eclipse the world in Darkness.

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit


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