This is a transcript for The Biggest Trip from Season 1.

Story 1 Edit

[Morshu's mail truck stops by the castle]

Morshu: Mmmmmm, Richer!

Steve: Here's the mail it... [King looks surprised] ...never fails! It makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail... [Transforms into Ivo Robotnik]

Robotnik: PINGAS!!!

King: Enough!

[Robotnik disappears, mailbox from Blue's Clues appears, shows two black rectangles, each horizontal line side of the screen playing dramatic music, showing eyes of the king, the mailbox, and even a character similar to Iron Man]

Mailbox: Oaoaoaoaoaoaoa!!! [King uses I'M A FIRIN MAH LAZAR! laser at mailbox, letter floats down king reads letter]

King: It's from Luigi! [Letter reads, "Dear king, Mario is attacked by Billy Mays and Dr. Rabbit, and OVER 9000!!! bagels! My brother Mario will die!!! And you gotta help us! P.S.: Bring lotsa spaghetti!", king then runs to the right]

Gwonam: Your majesty... [King runs by and takes Gwonam's suit, and now Gwonam is naked!] Aaaah!!!

[King gets in his car and backs up from the driveway to the road, reads the map]

Trip Story Clips (Playing I'm Getting Sentimental Over You by Herb Alpert Edit

1: Gets gas

2: Drives by some trees

3: Gets caught by the police

4: Drives by more trees

5: Waits for a train

6: Finds Barney's toes

7: Gets more gas

8: Drives over a pyramid

9: Car balances on statue

10: Runs over ShamWow guy

11: Rides kiddie car (25 cents)

12: Tinky-Winky fires lasers in a spaceship at the car

13: Gets more gas

14: Drives on upside-down side

15: Drives on tracks, gets away from Thomas the tank engine

16: Gets more gas

17: Floats in outer space

18: Drives on a race track ahead of racers 14 and 19

19: Link appears in passenger seat, king puts Link in the happy hound hotel

Link: Oh great!

Story 2 Edit

[Looks at the billboard that says that the hospital is up ahead]

King: You saved me! [Stops in heavy traffic, tires screech] God! [Time card says "Later", king stops at the hospital and got out, then he forgot something] Wah!

King's Mind: Bring lotsa spaghetti! [King screams, then explodes]

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