Here's the first chapter of my fanfic!

Prelude: Termina's DownfallEdit

"It all happened so fast"

"After that kid saved us from the moon, it all went bleak. Sure, we had at least a year of peace, but then Ganondorf came. After he arrived, he told us he was from a far away kingdom called Hyrule. Who ever heard of Hyrule? Maybe that's where that kid came from..."

"Anyway, since Ganondorf came, Termina's been turned on it's head. He set up his own police force to enforce his laws only. Anyone who doesn't follow the rules gets sent to Ganondorf himself, and they normally never come back. Nobody's brave enough to stand up to him because they all know what happens to people who rebel. I, however, was born into a tough family in the Southern Swamp (well, actually I grew up in the swamps further south in Woodfall.) and i'm not going to let him squash everything i've ever known. I'm gathering an army to stand up to him."

"Oh, by the way, my name's Taryl. I know we'll be good friends!"

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