Tek-Teks (not to be confused with "Tektite"), are monsters found in the fanfiction Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf.

Species Tek-Tek
Found Ulfurio Plains
Forgotten Grounds
Weapon Scythe
Special Abilities Very fast
Stories Featured In Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf
Author(s) Ryushusupercat



Tek-Teks resemble demonic humanoids with long, stringy hair, and with the lower half of their body gone; instead, their spines extend out from their bodies like a serpent's body. They often carry scythes as well.


Tek-Teks are voracious carnivores, eating anything they can catch and kill, especially horses. They are reputed man-eaters as well, making them exceptionally dangerous.


Tek-Teks are vicious and excitable, making them dangerous to anyone that approaches them. They are also very fast.


Despite the fact that they can only move by running on their elbows, Tek-Teks are incredibly fast, apparently as fast as a horse at full gallop. When first encountered by Link, they nearly end up catching him and Epona, but Link manages to escape by exploiting their weakness; Tek-Teks are unable to cross any kind of water, so Link directs Epona into a big, shallow puddle to protect her and then fights the Tek-Teks with his sword.

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