Din:hey Nayru and Kyle what about making a world?

Nayru:um maybe lets get Faore and Tyler um Din you got a husband yet?

Din:no i don't need one

Nayru:Kyle's and Tyler's Brother David?

Din:*blushes*um...... *gulp* David

Nayru:ya so?

Din:ive had a crush on him for ages

Nayru:then go for it

Faore and Tyler walk in

Faore:hey Nayru, Kyle and Din

Nayru:we just about to come for you lets go

Faore:to where and why?

Nayru:um to the King about making a world

Faore:shure lets go Tyler you coming?

Tyler:um ya shure

Nayru:Kyle you come too

Kyle:ya shure what about Din?

Din:*sniff* *sniff* um ya ill be there soon

Faore:whats wrong Din

Nayru:ill tell you later

Faore:k fine sis lets go

Nayru, Kyle, Faore and Tyler walk out leaving Din alone but David walks in


David:hey Din Whats up

Din:no response

David:hey i just came here to say will you marry me

Din:of course what kept you waiting?

David:well i love you


David:good lets follow your sisters


Din walk fo a bit and then Din stops and kisses David harder than Nayru or Faore and david kisses Her back they walk to the thorne room

Nayru:yes sir but

???:yes but wait a bit oh hello Din and David

Din:hello King Shigeru

Shigeru:oh yes glad you came

Nayru:um yes agin why can't we make a world?

Shigeru:um what will you name it first?

Nayru:um Hyrule?

Shigeru:i like it go ahead

a loud scream

Kyle:oh no ill go check it out

Tyler:no i will

Kyle:you shure bro?

Tyler:yes Faore you coming with me?

Faore:yes hunny

they walk off

Nayru:wow they look happy

Din:thats nice lets all go home a get some sleep *yawn*

Nayru:ya lets go Kyle

Kyle:ok lets oh my god where's David?

Din:holy S*** that B***** ill go look for him

Kyle:no wait ill go with you if you don't mind Nayru

Nayru:shure go ahead

Kyle and Din go off to look for David

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