three godesses appear

Nayru:hey sis maybe we can make a world?

Faore:looks ok its a nice idea

Din:cool a world

???:hey hunny i don't know about this

Nayru:oh hey Kyle

Kyle:yes my dad says you will wed me soon

Nayru:oh thats right Kyle you you got a husband yet Faore?

Faore:um no

Kyle: try my bro hes single

Faore:who was he agin

???:hey Faore and Nayru

Kyle:hey perfect timing Tyler

Tyler:um Faore will you marry me?

Faore:hell ya of course

Faore kisses Tyler on the lips

Tyler:jeez that was fast lets go

Nayru:hey Kyle

Nayru pushes Kyle agenst a pillar kisses him so hard he fants

Kyle:Wow ok lets go Nayru

Din:ok Nayru wait up

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