Link summons Pirates from all over the Great Sea as war starts. Yet even the combined might of the Pirates may not be enough against the deadly perils confronting them.

The Hylian-Monster border confrontration is threatening to engulf the entire sea in yet another war. The monsters have planned to absorb all living creatures into a single hive mind. The only hope for peace lies in the hands of the pirates, who must not only end the war between the Hylians and the monsters but also confront the new threat of the monsters leader.

Tetra's skills will be put to the test in the coming conflict, while Link will have to prove in a brilliant display of swordplay, that he rightfully is the reincarnation of the Hero of Time.

Chapter 2 Edit

Sitting in a small room on Windfall Island with the leaders of pirate bands can uncomfortable Link thought. Niko was still gone an Link thought he may never see his friend again. "Well, now that were all here, let's get business." Ttra said. "As you probably know the monsters have pushed into Hylian territory, it is because of this, and the fact that you all know how to fight, that I suggest that we fight the monsters back to where they came from." Link said. "Well what's in it for us?" One of the Pirates said, the others joined in. Tetra thought for a moment and said. "Fame." The Pirates started to leave. "Well let's see what I have in my pocket..." She said and pulled out a bunch of rupees, coloring in purples, oranges and silvers, varying in sizes. Link guessed she had fify thousand in here hand alone. The Pirates came back slowely into there seats. "eight hundred per pirate band." Tetra said. "Take it or leave it." She said. The Pirate leaders conversed among there gangs. Suprisingly they all agreed. seventy pirate bands attended and fifty-six thousand rupees were spent. After the loose ties were fixed things settled down. Suddenly a pirate slammed the door open. "The island is under attack!" The Pirate said. Then a blast destroyed the entire right wall. "All Pirates to your stations." A pirate yelled. In less than a few minutes bodies, ships and bullets were all flying all over the island. Link onto ship after ship destroying each of them at one point he found himself surrounded only to be saved by a passing ship. "Retreat!" A captian yelled. Tetra's ship started to leave and Link jumped onto it. The battle was lost.

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