The epic Zelda odyssey enters a new frontier as the heroes of the Great Sea confront a monstrous evil-insidious, unseen, and insatiable....

Though the monsters have been given new islands, they have not found peace yet. Their new colonies are under attack from a mysterious foe and the furious monsters blame the Pirates. Racing back to the Unknown Regions to investigate, the Pirates, Zelda and, Link discover a threat more familiar and terrifying than they had ever expected. Worse, the Monsters want to kill Zelda. Will Link's apocalyptic vision create yet another war or prevent one? Most mysterious and deadly of all, the Monsters are hiding a deadly secret.

To find out, Link, Zelda, and The Pirates must embark on a perilous journey into the unknown void between right and wrong. For a strange yet devastating dispute is about to explode into chaos, pitting people against each other and threatening the Great Sea itself.

Chapter 1: Journey

Chapter 2: Ambush

Chapter 3: Sacrifice

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