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Timeline Base OOT
Age 10
Gender Male
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Kokiri
Hometown Kokiri Forest
Title and Rank Mercenary
Weapons Iron Sword
Special Abilities Skilled in Melee
Introduced In Roleplay
Stories Featured In Zelda Ocarina of Time RP (Chao Island version)
Author(s) JmTsHaW

Steel was a kid that appeared in the Chao Island version of Ocarina of Time (AU) [1]


Steel was born in and lived for the first 9 years of life in Kokiri Forest; like every Kokiri. He was given a guardian fairy, his was a young adult green female named Defannse, he has a girlfriend named Salana Loté whom he met when her father mistook him for a bird, and shot him with an arrow. he was exiled from the forest for murdering his sister Silvia (Pun on Silver) and lived a life as a mercenary in Hyrule Castle Town however never earning much because of his small structure. He encountered the team (Which was just Oranoas, Axl and Raymond at the time) when asked to give a sword to mastersmith Biggoron. He joined the team and proved to be useful with his sword skills. He is now collecting the medallions with the team along with New member Verne and First Member Shrubby.


Steel is very skilled in Melee Combat and will never give up a fight, even if it nearly gets him killed. Steel can also squeeze into tight spaces and has better reflexes than anyone else in the team due to his smaller size,


Steel loves Milk and would do anything to get some, including betray his friends or even go as far as murder. However it's not advised he gets his hands on too much, drinking a lot of Milk will get him drunk and nobody wants a drunk kid. He also lacks intelligence due to not havinng any education, though Defannse seems to play the role of Steel's brains, he also wields the Kokiri Bow that was given to him by Salana. But since he's never used a bow before he's completely hopeless with it. The Bow can't be touched by Non-Kokiri, so this can anger the team at times.


Axl: "He's just a guy who was in the team before me"

Defannse: "Boooooorrrrinnngggg"

Ganondorf: "Who Cares."

Great Deku Tree: "That dumb tree should've been burned down a long time ago"

Mido: "Cluck!"

Malon: "Axl's hook- uh...girlfriend."

Oranoas: "He's my friend."

Salana Loté: "Girlfriend."

Batz: "Why was he not given a medal? He's a genius!"

Shrubby: "Hardly know him."

Talon: "Awesome guy."

Verne: "friends."


Iron Dagger (Past)

Iron Longsword (Future)

Kokiri Bow (Present by Salana Loté)

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