Soul Painting Of Shadows
First appearance Majora Reborn
The Soul Painting Of Shadows was an huge "painting" created by Both Veran and Hexia Parapeeratin that is used for their master plan to make Majora completely return back to the physical world.Its use is to trap people who are "most meaningful" to the hero of time or have helped him come so far to destroy majoras mask for good and sometimes hyrulian pararells that has helped Link to save hyrule from Ganondorf

Known Trapped People Edit

Malon-Was trapped when Parapeeratin visited Lon Lon ranch.

Pamela-Was trapped when Parapeeratin lured her into the ancient pyramid of ikana,However Link was able to free time

Romani-Veran together with "them" took Romani to the cosmic dungeon (wich is the ship of them) And made her "intrested" by the fact that she was just a counterpart of a another one.



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