The farm, the city and the forestEdit

I took some time to admire the great wall and the gate before I suddenly heard Zelda gasp behind me. She grabbed my shoulder and with a worried voice she said: “We forgot the sword!”. “This can not be happening” I though, that sword was supposedly the only thing that could kill our enemy and I forgot to pull it out of the pedestal. Link laughed softly and said: “Do not worry, it would not have followed us her anyway. There is only one Sword of Evil’s Bane here and we have to use that”. “Then what is the purpose of the Sword in my time?” I asked him, “Currently it has no purpose, but if a hero is needed again it will serve him well” was his answer. I had not even noticed that Link was here until he started laughing, but it seems like the best to bring him along.

Zelda took out her ocarina again and I quickly grabbed mine as well. She started playing a very nice tune that sounded almost like it could bring a child to sleep. The sequence was very easy and after the first loop I quickly joined in and we both played the song. We heard some yelling that sounded like orders and the gate lowered, a beautiful city opened up behind the gate and the city guard rushed outside. One moment they were charging towards and the second they all stopped and looked at us in awe. It was incredible to see; some of the guards had tears in their eyes and others kneeled down and fell into prayer, most of them were cheering or just staring at us in awe. “Warn the general, the hero has returned!” one of them yelled and some of the guards rushed off. “Welcome to Hyrule, Link” Zelda laughed before she and Link turned into their flying forms.

I entered the city and the feeling is indescribable; all the people were cheering and praying for me as I passed them. Everybody was standing at the side of the road, but in the distance some people came rushing towards me. I kept walking and stopped when they were close to me. Both of them were wearing uniforms and saluted me, “Hero, the general is waiting for you. May we escort you there”. “Very well” I said and I followed them through the city which was significantly bigger than our own capital, the war they were waging did not damage the city yet I suppose. The people were changed though; more often than not someone was carrying a weapon or even wearing uniforms. They were clearly not planning to be taken down easily and yet they all fell into tears or prayer as I passed as if I was better than them.

When we reached the castle after at least an hour of walking I was stunned, it was big enough to be the capital. To get there we had walk through a pass that looked a lot like the mountain pass to the volcano. One of the soldiers or guards noticed me looking around and said: “We did not have time to build this up again, it used to be beautiful, but was sadly torn apart during the previous war”. I can not imagine what it used to look like, but could see Zelda’s sadness when I looked at her. She was sitting on my shoulder as always while Link was flying around.

The doors opened and we were allowed to pass through into a big hall, “This is what we call the greeting hall” the same man as before said. “Here we welcome all the people that visit our castle, but we are just moving through real quickly” he continued like he was some kind of tourist guide. The hall was beautiful and it only got better when we moved into the next room which was probably some kind of hall for parties. “This is the dinner hall, we regretted building this shortly after the war started again. We could have used all the resources for arms” he said with a little bit of anger in his voice. I agree when you see all the soldiers without armor in the streets you can get the wrong idea. I wonder why they did not just start producing it themselves or import if from outside the city though.

We continued through the dinner hall and into the throne room, where my personal tourist guide decided to keep his mouth shut. At the end of the room was some the throne with a big man wearing amazing red clothes and a gigantic crown. I figured that must be the king which means that he is Zelda’s father. This is going to be a little awkward. When we entered the room he got off his throne and greeted me: “Good day hero, it is an honor to finally meet you. I wish it was in better circumstances and the message my soldiers brought me were vague. They told me you are accompanied by my daughter?”. He looked at me a bit worried and Zelda jumped off my shoulder and transformed.

The king looked stunned when he saw Zelda and even he began to show tears in his eyes. “It is good to see you again father” Zelda said politely as she made a curtsy. “If only I could hug you now, dear” he said while trying to control the tears. “There has been enough sadness already and much more will come, we need the sword once again father” Zelda continued, it seemed a bit odd that Zelda is currently more practical then her father. Her father nodded and said: “It is at the Temple, we reinforced the doors and the paladins are all out hunting, but please daughter, introduce me to the hero, I missed that privilege the last time”. Zelda looked at me and I nodded in agreement. “This is Link, our new hero” she said to her father. “A pleasure my lord” I said politely. “Link, this is my father and the king of Hyrule, Daphness Nohansen Hyrule” she said to me. “I am honored to meet you, Link” he said. “I am sorry my lord, but we have to see the general now to discuss our next action” I said politely. Zelda looked at me with surprise, she probably did not expect that from me and I kind of enjoyed her expression. “Very well, you may stay the night in the castle and have dinner with us tonight” he said before returning to his throne.

We continued to a big door on the left of us and the two men that were escorting me pushed open the door. I suppose this is the general’s office and defended for a good reason. For an office it was pretty large with enough room to fit fifty people in and yet it was pretty empty. There were swords and all kinds of weapons hanging on the wall and the rest was just stone. Behind a table in the middle of the room was a man with armor seemingly made out of gold who looked up at me. “When I heard that the hero appeared out of nothing accompanied by the princess in front of the city, I thought my men were kidding” he said while beckoning me over. I joined him at the table and said: “It is a pleasure, the name is Link general”. “General Kir, commander of the Hylian army and military advisor of the king” he replied politely. “I understand you will join us at dinner, I would like to hear your entire story while we eat, but now we have more important matters to discuss”.

He bended over the map that was lying on the table and pointed at the image that looked like the castle. “We are currently here in the capital, I got about ten battalions of armed man here”. That would be around ten-thousand to fifty-thousand soldiers, that is more soldiers than people that live in our capital. He then pointed at an image of a circle with cows on it: “This is Lon-Lon Ranch, we know there is a militia there and that they have between one or two battalions. Only problem is that we are cut off from them and that we can only move messengers there without getting our army ambushed. We need you to liberate Lon-Lon Ranch and find a girl named Malon, she knows where the other militias are”. I understand that if he would move an army out there he would most certainly get ambushed or cause a full scale attack since the Ranch was pretty close to a tower image that was encircled. I suppose that is where the hostile army is located. “What can I do to help when I get there?” I asked, “They will mark spots on your maps with enemy camps, you need to take pressure off the, so that they can organize their militia and start patrolling the roads”.

From what I can see here the fight is going pretty good, there is only one enemy encampment and we have several. “How many soldiers do they have?” I asked real quickly to confirm my feelings. “We are not sure, but they must have around fifty battalions at least, most of the Gerudos died in the previous war or joined us so that saved us another two” Kir replied with a worried voice. Well that was a problem and now I come to think of it he mentioned that I had to take out several camps. This was not going to be easy and we are certainly outnumbered, I wonder how Link did this last time. Suddenly Kir punched the table and said: “Seven years spend in hell only to have it all back for a few months before we all die anyway, why do we have to suffer through all this”. I felt sorry for him and did not know they had seven years of war before this one broke out. Zelda calmed him down by saying: “Nothing is lost General, Ganondorf has not yet returned and the enemy is spending most of their resources in rebuilding their tower. If we act quickly we can launch a full scale attack before they are able to finish it”. He smiled and said: “It will happen My Lady, the Master Sword is waiting for you Link. The temple is just next to the Market District, get it and we can celebrate your return tonight”.

I let myself out of the castle and tried to bypass all the people by using shortcuts. While moving I talked with Link and Zelda and they explained some things to me about how they won the previous war and what happened. It was very complicated, but my story is so far not any easier to explain and I doubt anybody would believe it if I told them. While walking I played a quick tune on the ocarina and was starting to enjoy it, I never played any music instruments before, but it was easy to pick and play. “I know some nice songs for that ocarina, I’ll teach you some sometime” Link said while I was trying some sequences. After a while we reached a big building with another building directly next to it. “This is it, the Temple of Time” Zelda said a bit nervous.

I heard someone gasp behind me and when I turned around I saw him running back to the Market District. I ignored it and climbed up the steps leading to the temple doors, when I reached it they opened up by themselves. I looked at Zelda who just smiled and simply said: “Magic”. I shrugged and entered the temple which was much bigger from the inside then you would expect. Most of it was just stone though with a blue carpet leading to an alter. Behind the altar was another door that was made out of the same stone as the floor and had symbols all over it. I heard someone knock on the door behind me, but ignored it and moved towards the altar.

“Just like back in the old days” Link said and he took on his human form. “Care if I join you?” he said with a smile and he took out his ocarina. I can only imagine that we have to play the song that send us back here, so I took out my Ocarina and we started playing it. When we finished the song the door behind the alter slowly opened. Behind the door was that same sword again, but this time the pedestal was also covered in symbols. I entered this room and saw the light from a window shine on the sword. “Go ahead” Link said, but I smiled and replied: “We came her together, we are going to pull that sword together”. Zelda and Link looked at each other and Zelda transformed as well.

The three of us circled around the pedestal and grabbed the sword. “On three” I said and Link and Zelda nodded with a smile. I counted down slowly and at three we all pulled the sword out of the pedestal. A bright blue light like the one Zelda creates appeared and surrounded us, we were lifted from the floor and hovered towards the ceiling. Before we touched it a bright flash blinded us and when we opened our eyes we were somewhere completely different.

There were no walls or ceiling or a mentionable floor. We were standing on a big glass-like circle with symbols surrounding us. There was nothing that looked normal only purple objects and streams of purple liquid coming out of purple walls. “Where are we” I said with a confused voice, “Where we need to be” was the incredibly worthless answer Link gave me. He seemed to be the only one who was not confused since Zelda looked at him weird to. Suddenly somebody or something jumped on my back and caused me to fall forward on my chest.

When I looked up I saw a small girl with green hair and green clothes look down on me. Her face reminded me off Natalie’s face, full of innocence and cuteness until it becomes clear she is dead or undead, who knows. Other people appeared in the room although I would only call a select few humans or hylians. There was a lady that looked like a fish, a Goron like Bolo from the Volcano Temple and a woman that wore pants not a single human being could ever consider stylish. “Where are we” I said with a confusion in my voice, “A better question would be: Why are there two of you?” said a man with a big white beard and orange clothes. Zelda answered the question for me and started to explain our story so far, I was not paying much attention anymore and felt a bit sorry for her since she would probably have to tell the exact same story tonight.

While she told the story I took some time to look at the people, there were six of them: The man with the Orange clothes and white beard who seemed to be the oldest one, the small girl with green hair and clothes who could not be older than eight, a Goron who looked like a more muscular version of Bolo, The fish-lady who did not look to bad for a fish, an armored lady with markings on her face and the lady with the odd pants who was the only one with a brown skin. I was mostly interested in the small girl, not because she was the youngest, but because she was more interested in Link then in the story. Nearing the end of the story she reached out and touched him, Link looked down and smiled at her.

After Zelda finished explaining the story Zelda looked at me and said: “Link these are the sages, they are the ones who imprisoned Gannon and our only hope to make sure he does not come back”. They all said their names and I tried to remember them all, in the order that I inspected them they were called: Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru. “The soldiers of Gannon have indeed been amassing and raiding the open plains of Hyrule Field” Rauru said. “I am sorry I was not there to protect you princess, but we will serve you once again now” Impa said while wiping away a tear. “When we sealed Gannon away we broke the key into four pieces” Ruto continued. “The pieces were given to the four monks before they departed to raise their temples” Darunia said while peering at me searchingly. “Sheikah, Hylian and Gerudo went to the desert, Forest stayed in the Kokiri Forest, Fire climbed the mountain and Water settled on Zora cliff” Nabooru said with a mysterious tone in her voice. “Find the pieces and take them to Gannon’s tower, put them together and you will enter the seal” Saria finished.

Zelda scratched her head in surprise and said: “Great, I clearly underestimated the wisdom of the sages”. “We have been practicing” Saria said cheerfully. Four more temples to visit and we know their exact locations. Only problem one is behind Gannon’s tower and that is hard to bypass. “How do we enter the desert” I asked Rauru. He wanted to answer, but Nabooru stopped him and said: “There are many ways into the desert, but surely Gannon’s forces are blocking those. Ask your General for advice”. We should probably head there first after helping out the farm. “It is settled then, we have our heroes, we have an army and soon we will have the means to finish Gannon and his army off forever” Zelda said with a smile on her face that could cheer everybody up. “You are mistaking Princess, you are now a hero as well. You have been helping our new hero here perfectly so far, you would do good to continue this” Impa said to Zelda. Zelda clearly wanted to object, but shook her head and said: “I suppose I should”. Rauru came forwards to us and said: “Very well, now back your adventure heroes. We will be there when we are needed” before raising his hand to cast a spell. Saria, Ruto and Darunia suddenly charged towards us and we had a big group hug. I imagine it would be much better if the big walking rock was not attending, but that was fine. A bright light blinded us again and we were back in front of the altar and I was holding the Master Sword.

The door with the pedestal closed behind us as we turned around and headed for the door. I was walking in the middle and pushed the door open in front of us, outside was an audience. Almost the entire city was standing there cheering for us when we left the temple and it felt great. All the cheering and whistling would make anybody feel like a hero and to give the crowd a little extra show I pulled the Master Sword and held it up high. The sunlight made the sword shine and cheering became even louder. I decided to make my way back to the castle and at first I was a bit afraid to move through the crowd, but when I approached they all went out of the way.

I used some of the time I had left until dinner looking out of the window and reading books about the various races that appear in this world. It was a little hard to understand some of it and at times I noticed I was reading the same symbols I could not read back in the desert temple. I read about the Hylians, Humans, Gerudo, Zoras and Gorons and a very small part about the Kokiri. These races were fascinating and I tried to test my newfound knowledge to figure out for myself who those people were we met after I pulled the Sword. When we walked back to the castle Zelda told me that they were the sages and that we were in the Sacred Realm, I sighed and decided to pick up a new book titles “The History of Hyrule” and started reading it.

Hours after I started I knew much more about the Sacred Realm and Triforce as well as other things. I took place on a seat at a big table, Zelda and Link were sitting next to me and General Kir was sitting on the other side of the table with some other soldiers. The king took place on his own seat at the head of the table while the maidens prepared our dinner. Zelda and Link were not eating all that much and it became clear to me that this was mostly a meeting. After Zelda explained our story again the king asked: “Is there any way we can enter the Gerudo Desert, general”. Kir looked up from his food and replied: “Not a pleasant one, we could try force or we could launch people in there with catapults. None of those sound like good ideas, but we still need to reach the army that is stuck there with the monks”. When I was asked if I was willing to be launched with a catapult my stupidity and took over and I said yes.

The evening continued and many more battle plans were discussed, suddenly Kir became very enthusiastic and asked: “Is there any way we can contact the people from your time and get them here to help us?”. That was a perfect idea and we could use the help and learn much from it in the process. I wanted to say that it would be impossible, but Zelda interrupted me and said: “With the magic of the ocarina and some of my own, we should be able to create some kind of magic gateway!” with the same enthusiasm Kir had. Our dinner was quickly abandoned and the King led the way to a courtyard were several soldiers were training. “Quick Link, play the Song of Time” Zelda ordered me.

I took out the Ocarina and slowly repeated the song I played before the altar and in the desert temple. While I did Zelda started casting a spell and when I finished the song a purple orb appeared. We were all looking at it and followed its movements precisely, it descended to the ground where it made a small explosion. The orb turned into a flat circular magical effect that hovered a few inches above the ground. There was an image that showed my Hyrule City the way I know it and people were walking towards it. “We need somebody that speaks their language” the king yelled and Zelda raised her hand. “I will go, give me a few soldiers and I will be back before dawn”. And so it happened: Zelda took eight soldiers with her and stepped through the gateway, the people on the other side seemed surprised and startled. Zelda comforted them and left two guards at the gateway to ensure nobody would move through.

We waited anxiously in the courtyard and did some training to kill the time while the king kept watching the gateway. Hours passed and eventually Zelda returned with about twenty-eight soldiers. “We have an ally” she stated with a smile on her face. Many soldiers cheered for their comrades, but Zelda continued: “These people do not speak our language, we will teach them as good as we can”. She than signaled that she was done and two soldiers stepped out of line and carried a big chest along with them. The presented the chest to the king who thanked them and opened it. “We are very grateful for your help, friends” he said before turning the chest around. Inside were weapons and armor for two dozen soldiers, “There is more coming soon” one of the soldiers said. I looked at him and saw it was Simon.

Before we all went to bed I had some time to talk with Simon and he explained a lot. Those were his man and he volunteered to be the first to come here. As soon as he was done explaining his story I immediately asked about Sila and my Grandfather. It is no secret that I missed them a lot since my adventure started and I have no doubt they did as well. “Sila has successfully guided an entire fleet of ships and saved the monks you told us about. She should be on her way to the capital to join the army now, at least she told us all she wanted to”. That gave me mixed feelings: it was nice to know that Sila was alright and might even come to this new world, but on the other hand I would hate to see her in danger and this is the biggest war I have ever seen. “Your Grandfather is fine, but the messengers I send to the village only brought news about Sila and the monks. I doubt he has gotten any worse though” he added cheerfully.

We chatted until we had to head for our rooms, in the soldiers’ case their barracks. The plan for tomorrow was that I went over to that farm where the militia is holding out and help as good as I can. At least that is what I want to do, but the General seems to consider me good enough to solve all their problems by simply taking down a few camps. I tried to sleep, but it was very hard and I was way too nervous. Eventually I did fall asleep and dreamed about Sila sitting in the train on her way to the capital. Could she already be there? Is she training as we speak?, I do so wonder.

When I woke up a few soldiers escorted me to the Dining room again. This was not like last night and the food was pretty simple and the king absent. After less than fifteen minutes I was already done and the soldiers brought my sword and shield. The soldier holding the Master Sword had a great smile on his face and was seemingly proud of carrying the sword to me. I made my way through the city and without much problems or cheering I reached the gates which opened up before me. There was no bed or expensive food in it for me anymore, it was back to sleeping in the wilderness on a bedroll. With Zelda on my shoulder and Link flying around my head it was back to questing.

“The farm is South-west of here” Zelda said when I looked around the huge open plains with no idea where to go. I looked at her and she pointed towards some hills and said: “Somewhere over there”. The first thing I noticed is that there are no trains which also explains why the air is so fresh and natural here. It also means that I have to walk which is less amusing and with that tower constantly in sight it is not really motivating either. After walking for at least an hour I reached the hills Zelda pointed at earlier and started climbing them, here I learned my first lesson: “Don’t thrust your first impression”. An hour ago these hills looked like they were small enough for my Grandfather to climb, but here it would just cause him to fall off and break something after thirty seconds.

After a long and tedious climb I was on the hill and overlooking even more open plains. Five minutes away from this hilltop was a big place. It was surrounded by a wooden wall and the entrance was blocked and heavily guarded. There were also several watchtowers sticking out. Either this is the farm or they are in just as much need of help as the farm, so I decided to check. I slowly made my way to the ground again and as I did I noticed a few tents and weapon racks. The tents especially did not look they belonged to humans so I slide down the last part of the mountain and jumped into the camp. As I did a bunch of moblins rushed out of their tents and went for their weapon racks.

Before some were able to take arms I already murdered down several of them. When they finally armed themselves they were down to only ten man or moblin, whatever. They charged into me and I heard Link laugh softly somewhere up there. I dodged the first swing and countered the second. I slowly walked into the charge parrying and countering several others. I duck down to avoid another strike and stabbed the moblin in the stomach, he grunted and fell backwards. The only one left now was one wearing a head, something tells me that hats are some kind of symbol in the hierarchy. His hat was a cow skull or something and when I fought him he parried my attack very nicely. After two minutes of parrying and blocking I grew annoyed and jumped back. I took my boomerang threw it at him. The boomerang circled around him and wounded his arm. As he screamed of pain I jump-attacked him finished it off.

While putting my boomerang back in his place I moved towards the barricaded place. The guy on the watchtower noticed and even from a distance I could see that he was trying really hard not to jump of joy. The gate opened and a few soldiers came outside greet me and escort me. I thought all the soldiers in the capital were odd to see, but here there were only a few farmers between all the soldiers. There were significantly less people though, but then again this was just a farm. “Took out an entire camp on your own? If only you knew how great it would be if there were more people like you” one of the guards said who looked like he was having an energy kick.

We stopped in front of a tent much like the one we had at the desert wall. When I entered I was greeted by several people. One of them was obviously a farmer, the second was a soldier and the third was a female combination of those two. The girl was wearing commoner clothes, but a bow was attached to her belt and she had a quiver with arrows. “Good morning, name’s Talon fella, I own the farm here. I hope you still remember me” the farmer said in a weird accent. “Commander Crow, I hail from Treetop village and the soldiers we have” the soldier said while shaking my hand. The girl was the real thing I was looking at and she reminded me of Sila in some ways.

Her hair was orange and not red though, but she wore a dress and looked very friendly. The wooden weapons and her pose also reminded me of Sila. “You do remember me right, it is me Malon!” the girl said enthusiastically. I heard Zelda sigh as she prepared herself to tell her story once again. She left out most of the story about me and what we went through to get here, but afterwards I realized these were people Link must have known. Link eventually transformed and just like with Saria, Darunia and Ruto she embraced him in a friendly hug. “We need to get you a body soon, ma boy. I am not letting my daughter marry a ghost” Talon said while laughing. Crow also laughed softly, but Malon turned around and yelled: “Father” with a face almost as red as her hair.

“What do you need done” I finally asked after we had a few laughs. Crow beckoned me over and pointed at the map on the table. Malon and Talon also joined us. “This is the farm” Crow said when he pointed at a big circle in the middle of the map, “You come from the north-east and took out the small camp that was located there” he continued. He took out a knife and stabbed it into a symbol that represented the Moblin camp. “That was just a minor camp, but it will certainly help” Malon added to his explanation. “The road to the Hyrule City goes north and makes a turn to the east once it passes the hills. There is a big camp blocking the path which isolates us from the City, with you here we can afford to assault it” he finished. In an attempt to sound experienced I asked: “How many soldiers will join the assault?”. He looked at Talon and Malon before saying: “Hundred soldiers and ranged support should suffice”. “I am joining as well, if this is the day the tides will turn, I will not sit it out” Malon said while drawing her sword.

We moved outside and Crow yelled: “Judas in the tower, First and Second militia gather at the gate”. The whole farm got alive and people started running into tents and abandon their training. We moved past the barricades and Crow pointed to a few a tent camp up ahead. “Today we take it all back friends, that camp will be turned into ashes and Hyrule will unite once more!” Crow yelled out loud. The entire camp was cheering behind him and the two armies he called out for where lining up next to us. “Light up the forge, prepare the caravans and sharpen your swords. Lon Lon Militia is back in production!” he said in order to finish his pep talk. Malon and I lined positioned ourselves in front of the lined up soldiers. “Forward!” Crow ordered and we moved forwards on to the road. “Turn north!” he then ordered, we responded and turned towards the camps up ahead. “Goddesses’ speed, soldiers” he said as we marched towards the camp.

I never marched before and only learned the basics back at the Desert Wall, but after a few tips from Malon I was able to keep up. “Once we attack that camp, all the camps will join the battle” Malon yelled at the soldiers behind us. I felt like joining in and added: “Imagine a world without war and a family to love in a warm house. Keep that in mind, it will give you strength” I added to Malon’s pep talk. She smiled at me and said: “A cozy house and big family, we have been at war so long that we have forgotten about those ideas. That will all be over soon” she said, from her voice I could make out that she wanted to say more, but an arrows flew over our heads and ended in the tent camp. “Fight for your freedom!” Malon and I both yelled as we charged towards the camp.

The camp was much larger than expected, but we outnumbered the moblins now. They could have taken this camp down without my help, but there were more camps on the field and even more outside. As we entered the camp we heard a war horn make a loud noise, probably means they are calling for back-up. I took my sword in my hands and jump-attacked the nearest monster. I took him by surprise and it was a free kill. The soldiers were assaulting the tents and most monsters where still inside, so I decided to keep picking off the ones that were outside. First of all I charged towards the one with the bloody horn. When I tried to hit him he blocked my sword and we started a series of blocking and parrying. I quickly noticed that he was holding the horn for a reason and that he was not easily bested in a sword-fight. When I looked behind me I saw that all the man were already in combat with other moblins and quickly cutting them down, but I let my guard down and the moblin tackled me. I fell to the ground and saw him raising his weapon for a finishing strike. I rolled away and the sword only hurt the grass. That was when Malon ran towards the moblin and threw a dagger at him. The moblin was hit in the eye and fell to his knees, Malon stopped in front of him and pulled out the dagger. She finished him off by cutting his throat and helped me back on my feet.

I repaid her immediately when I saw a moblin charge towards her from behind. I pushed her at the side and quickly stabbed the monster in the chest. I pulled out my sword afterwards and looked at the camp that was completely burned down with dead moblins lying everywhere. Yet if you looked past our victory you saw an entire army charge past the farm approaching us. We wanted to await their assault, but instead they made a turn and headed towards the barricades in front of the farm. Without picking off the stragglers me, Malon and the entire army hasted back to the farm before the moblins could overrun it. This was the entire army the moblins had stationed in this small valley, but that did not matter for us.

The archers in the towers where taking down moblins every second and the soldiers gave barely any ground. The gate was however easily overrun and the moblins entered the farm. Shortly after that we arrived with all the soldiers that could still walk and we enjoyed our deadly flanking position. I started cutting my way through moblins like they were tree branches and the rest of the soldiers that stayed at the farm managed to hold their ground after several retreats. I heard someone scream for help and cracking noises, but I could not look away. Because we attacked from two sides the now the moblins were pinned down and defenseless. Within minutes we outnumbered them and shortly after that they were all taken down.

Everybody was cheering and knew what this meant for them, the entire valley was cleared and the road from here to Hyrule City has been retaken. Our enemy was sealed away now and has to slip past in order to get a foothold in the region. There was much to do though: there were people to be buried and moblins to be burned, we lost a good amount of man today and that cracking noise from before was a watchtower that collapsed on a few houses. When our small party was over we returned to work and I returned to the tent. I found Talon and Crow there, but Malon was outside helping the soldiers. “Good work Link, we have won the battle!” Crow yelled enthusiastically at me. I blushed and said: “You should thank Malon as well, without her I would have lost my arm before killing my first enemy”. Talon’s face shined with pride when I said that, but Crow stayed practical: “We need one more thing from you in order to seal Ganondorf’s army away from the region, south of here is a sacred forest and a small fraction of his army has been trying to enter it for weeks. Take them out and we will have his army divided” he said with a convinced voice.

It was almost night and I would have to hurry, but this could not wait another day. If news got out that the road has been retaken the moblins might attempt to take it back by using the hole in the south. I departed immediately with only the directions and Link and Zelda at my side. While I moved over the decently cleaned up path, most of the moblins were moved to the grass and everybody went out of their way for me. Suddenly I felt a soft hand grab my own, the hand belonged to Malon who was cheerfully joining me as I moved towards the gate. “Where are you going now?” Malon asked me, “Crow wants me to help out the forest to the south” I replied while trying to sound just as happy as her. It was hard to hide the fact that I was very tired and not really enjoying our place in this war. “Oh, to the fairy boys and girls, I’ll know somebody that will be of help then”. I wanted to ask if she was making a joke about my sexuality or was being serious, but she left me and went into an alley leading to a watchtower.

Once I left the farm and was standing between the barricades I found myself with a question: “Shall I walk all the way around the valley, or go south and climb over the hills”. I was not looking forward to either, but I would hate to walk around a forest at night, so it was once again going to be hill-climbing. With a sigh I strolled around the farm and made my way through the rest of the now abandoned valley. A single straggler decided to bother me with arrows, but I was tired of fighting moblins today so I simply threw my boomerang at him. The boomerang confused him and when it went around him it must have cut some kind of muscle in his leg because he fell down and never got up again. I caught the boomerang and with an even deeper sigh I started climbing the mountain while Link was laughing at me.

Once at the top I could see the forest in the distance and could also make out moblin camps up ahead. A single hill would give me the element of surprise when I attack, so I took another slide of the hill and ran across the open field. I wanted to get across as fast as possible before some scout would spot me or something and I would need to fight another camp all by myself. When I got behind the hill I started figuring out a plan for myself and came to the conclusion that I should just sneak in and take out as I can without alerting the rest. I shared my thoughts with Zelda and Link and they agreed, Link even decided to fly around near the forest to distract them. Once he flew away I got away from cover and sneaked into the camp and cut the first moblin throat I could find. When I sneaked up on the second I was startled by a steel arrow taking him instant-killing him, the arrow almost killed me instead. I looked around the field and saw moblins going down one after another and eventually they noticed me. They charged towards me with all the moblins they still had while the arrows kept flying at them. I counted a dozen when they started and when they arrived there were only four left which I took out with a single spin-attack.

Eager to see where the arrows came from I turned around and saw a man standing on the hill. The man was clad in a steel armor that would have been enough to make half a train wagon out of. I saw that he had a bow the size of his chest in his hands and a hammer on his back for the closer fights. I waved at him, but got no response and all he did was move forward. I yelled at him: “Wait, stop!” when he was about to walk off the hill and probably break his neck, but he simply walked down like it was nothing.

As he approached me I started to notice his odd expression. It was a combination between anger and deadly cold. He stared right through me so to say and with every step I was becoming more afraid that he was not here to help at all. It was hard to believe it, but he was about my age and only slightly older. I would not even dare to think of lifting that much armor and two weapons at the same time. When he stopped in front of me he continued to stare at me with that his cold dead eyes awaiting a response from me. “Who are you?” I said while trying to sound confident. “We are the dominant species, yet we are ruled over. We think we are strong, yet our weaknesses shine” he replied, I suppose he was testing me or something with a riddle or perhaps this was a password or something. The words floated around my mind as Link and Zelda rejoined me. An old saying grandfather used to say came up in me: “We all have our weaknesses, that is what makes us human”. “Human” I said softly to myself without noticing it was hearable.

“I am Judas, Paladin of the Divine Hierarchy and I am sent here by Lady Malon to aid the Hero of Time” he said with his uncaring voice. I looked at his ears and indeed noticed that his ears were not pointed meaning that he was indeed human, but I sure hope those riddles are not his only way of conversation. “What should be our next step” I asked him professionally, partly because I really wondered what our next step is and partly because I wanted to see his reaction. “That is the Kokiri forest over there” he said, after a sigh he continued: “We should enter and see if something is still alive out there”.

The idea of having to enter that forest at night is one thing, but to have this guy around is not much of a comfort. He is hard to describe, but his very presence was somewhat creepy. Even when I would look away he would still look directly at me with his eyes stabbing me in the back. His voice was very heavy and cold and he seemed largely uninterested in anything he did. “Very well” I convinced myself to say and I turned around and we moved towards the forest. We approached the forest and when I walked past the first tree I stopped hearing Judas’ footsteps. I turned around and saw him sitting on his knees and from what I could make out he was praying. I was still hoping to stay on go to his good side, so I allowed him to finish.

“What did you pray for?” I asked in the hope of sounding friendly. “To be allowed entrance” he replied while stepping past the trees. I wanted to ask why he would need to pray for that, but he continued: “You carry the Triforce and the spirit of the forest simply allows you, we humans have to hope and pray to be allowed. Apparently I am allowed, so we should keep moving”. It sounded more like an order then a suggestion and I did not really feel like the hero when I had to follow Judas around in the forest. He moved very fast and I had trouble staying next to him and I was wondering if he had any clue about our goals here to begin with.

We eventually arrived in something looks looked a bit like a village or a really big garden at least. There were no trees in the way and some of the trees seemed to be holed out, if we were heading for the Kokiri this would be it. I read that they live in the forest and did not really understand their description, the book itself seemed to be a bit puzzled about them as well. I walked towards one of the trees that was holed out and started to inspect it. There was furniture inside and it was decorated, so this really was a house. I could not look any longer as I was ambushed by a moblin and Judas was assaulted several seconds later. I quickly took out my sword disarmed the first moblin I saw followed by a quick stab to finish him off.

I slashed my way through more moblins, but it quickly became clear we were going to be overrun and Judas and I were both forced towards the center of the open field as time passed. We killed a decent amount of moblins that was hard to compensate for, but eventually we were with our backs against each other. Just when we had to start depending on mindless swinging projectiles were fired from the trees. All over the open field, trees started opening fire with rocks and plant seeds. This distracted the moblins long enough for the trees to be even more helpful by using their roots to help us. I remember back with that big tree and the giant roots and this fight turned into a massacre. Moblins were getting impaled and decapitated this was really awful to see. I wanted to turn my head away and avoid having to see it, but then I noticed Judas who was simply looking at the whole scene and seeming to be amused. I really hoped to get idea out of my head soon.

The fight was quickly won and the roots dragged the corpses away. That was the moment when dozens of children wearing green tunics like my own jumped out of tree holding slingshots. “These must be the Kokiri” I thought when I recalled the part of the book that said: “Kokiri stay children forever”. I thought the book was just making a joke or something or exaggerating the situation. They seemed very interested in us and ignored most of the blood that was lying around. Clearly this was the same race Saria belonged to and they were just as curious as her, within a minute the entire town was surrounding us. “We are here for the paladins” I heard Judas say while the sound slowly faded away. A strong headache came over as I looked at the crowd. I instantly stopped when I saw her, Natalie was standing between the Kokiri in her white dress and her two cats sitting next to her. I stared at her and saw her smile at me, not a cute smile or maybe it was, but knowing her makes it hard to consider that smile a good thing.

A strong hand grabbed my shoulder and I turned around. “No sleeping on the job, get moving” Judas ordered me. The headache was gone and when I turned towards Natalie again she was gone as well. I turned back around and saw that Judas was already leaving again, probably not planning to wait for me. I raced after him and once I caught up I started looking around again. Could Natalie have followed me here or did she only just enter through the gateway? Was she really after me and for what reason? “Your alright” Zelda asked me, I had forgotten she was on my shoulder ever since Judas appeared. “Yes, do not worry” I said without sounding convinced myself. Zelda’s speaking shortly attracted Judas’ attention when he looked at her. I saw that Zelda felt a bit afraid when he did and her skin changed as well. Link noticed it to and sat down to talk with her.

While looking at the treetops I suddenly spotted Natalie again sitting in one of the trees and looking down at us. Once she saw that I noticed her she laughed in a ghostly tone and disappeared again. “Did you see that?” I asked Judas. “Kokiri” he stated while not even looking at me when he did, “But did you not hea-“ I said before he interrupted me and said: “Kokiri” again, but in a slightly annoyed voice. We moved through the woods and in the distance I could see a building already which was most likely the one we were after. For one thing it was made out of stone and not wood which stands out in this forest and even from a distance I could see that it was very fancy.

While walking I attempted to start a conversation with Judas and asked: “What is a paladin of the Divine Hierarchy?”. He looked at me with a slightly different facial expression then before, in this case it probably meant that he has been waiting all day for me to ask that. “We are the divine soldiers of the army, we serve the sages and the goddesses and in time they protect us” he said. So shortly there are some kind of holy knights that are protected by the goddesses. “And the Divine Hierarchy?” I asked. He stopped and kneeled down to make drawings in the sand. He pointed at the Triforce that was at the top of the drawings “Everybody serves the goddesses and they are our true leaders”. He then pointed at an emblem I had never seen before “The sages come next, they serve the goddesses and serve as protectors of Hyrule”. Next he pointed at a sword “Here are we, the Paladins, we serve the goddesses and the sages”. He then pointed at an emblem next to the sword “At the same height are the monks, they use magic given to them by the sages to help people”. Finally he pointed at a crown “Then there is the Royal Family, who rule over the land and it’s people”.

We started walking again and I tried to work out all the information he just threw at me. “So you are more important than Zelda?” I asked out of confusion, he turned around and showed the first smile I ever saw from him. “That is the trick, a member of the Royal Family is also always a sage” he said before we yet again continued. “So how many of you are there and where are we going anyway” I asked now that most of the information was sorted. “We have about a hundred paladins in Hyrule City and a few more spread across the temples, we are heading to the first temple by the way which is the home of the Kokiri monks”. Great more temples… my adventure was turning into one part killing and three parts listening to tons of information.

We finally reached the building and entered through a small door. It was clearly not meant for people like Judas and me, so we had to duck in order to get through. Once inside I was stunned, there was a big mechanism in the middle of the room and several doors. When I approached the mechanism I noticed parts were missing and that beneath it was another room. “This is going to take hours!” I yelled at Judas who was simply walking around the room. “What are you doing?” I asked. Suddenly he stopped and went for his hammer. Before I could say another word he used the hammer and reduced the nearby wall to rubble.

When the dust disappeared we saw a group of Kokiri people. They wore different clothing then the other Kokiri though: Some of them had small armor and daggers and the others wore robes and small staffs. I suppose these are the monks then. “We are here for the key” Judas said and the monks instantly responded by grabbing their weapons. “I am Judas of Hyrule City and this here is Link accompanied by the Hero of Time and Zelda” he continued. “Are you joking?” one of the armored Kokiri asked us. Zelda and Link transformed and the weapons were dropped. Like the kids they are, the Kokiri circled around us and started cheering. Eventually they all calmed down and two of them approached us, they were holding an odd golden object.

“I am Sir Dori, paladin of the divine hierarchy” one of them said, “And I am Mire, servant of our beloved Saria” the other concluded. They handed over the golden object to me and I inspected it. It looked like a part of a key and was made of light gold. “We give this key to you hero, so that you may enter the seal and finish the fight” both of them said simultaneously. I thanked the monks and said goodbye, afterwards Judas and I went for the exit again. Suddenly we heard a Kokiri yell at us and we turned around. The Kokiri was standing in the hole Judas created and stared angrily at him. “Go ahead Link, go find the other pieces” Judas said, “I got a wall to fix first” he then said with a somewhat enjoyed voice. Maybe he is not that bad after all…

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