Solo, Age 13
Aliases My Other Half (Link)

Sis (Link)

Timeline Base Child (Alternate)
Age 10-13 (changes as game goes along)
Gender Female
Species Hylian
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Kokiri
Loyal To Hyrule
Hometown Kokiri Village
Family/Clan Link (twin brother)
Zelda (cousin)
Malon (adopted sister)
Title and Rank New Hyrule - Second-in-Command
Group Four Heroes
New Hyrule
Weapons Magical Sword<>Solo's Bow
Hylian Arrows
Special Abilities Excels at ranged-weapons
Introduced In The Legend of Zelda: The Dark War
Author(s) BNSF1995 (The Dark War version)
KasutoOfKataan (original version)
Solo is a character introduced in The Legend of Zelda: The Dark War . She is portrayed as Link's twin sister.


Solo basically looks like a Female Link, with shoulder-length hair. Her clothing is identical to Link's Ocarina of Time clothing.


Solo is a kind-hearted, sweet girl. She often helps anyone in need. Because she follows Link, she is normally calm and laid-back. However, when provoked, she usually tries to kill the one who provoked her or Link. She also harbors an extreme hatred for evil, and wishes she could destroy the source of evil.



Solo very much loves and cares for Link, and vice-versa. Whenever Link is in trouble, she is usually the first responder (that is if Saria isn't there first). Solo provided Link emotional support during the Dark Times War, and never left his side. Solo frequently hugs Link, and often kisses him on the cheek (several times it was on the lips). Suprisingly, Link doesn't see Solo as a clingy younger twin, seeing as he is attached to Solo and wouldn't dare go anywhere without her.


Solo cares for Zelda as much as she cares for Link (but not as clingy). During the opening stages of the Dark Times War, Solo and Zelda were forced to traverse Dodongo's Cave alone when Saria became ill from the heat. Solo often comforts Zelda when she is having memories of the night Hyrule Castle Town burned, as much as Link does.


Saria is a close friend of Solo. Until the middle of the Dark Times War, only Solo knew of Saria's true love for Link. Solo and Saria often challenge each other to see who can kill more monsters.


Solo absolutely hates Ganondorf, mainly for bring Zelda nothing but angst. Solo has made it clear that "if she ever gets the chance, she would give Ganondorf a slow and painful death".


In the first draft of the game's script, Solo was to be involved in a lesbian relationship with Malon. However, Shigeru Miyamoto requested that this aspect be removed to avoid controversy. In the final game, Solo and Malon remain close friends, and remnants of the original story are evident.

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