Solicitor Klok, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Book, and the primary antagonist. He is high in the council of Hyrule, by murdering previous seat of power, Increse. His second-in command, Tok is always close by Klok, as a bodyguard.

Biography Edit

Klok first came to Hyrule disguised as a solicitor for The Camorean Society. Sneaking in late at night, he and Tok murdered Chancellor Increse, so that Klok could take power. With this new power, he gained access to more secretive files. Inflitrating the Hyrulian Profiles, he discovered a perfect vessel for his Master, The Shadow Incense - Princess Zelda. Using his magical powers, Klok halted Link and Zelda, whilst they were on their way to the National Ball. After a brief conversation, in which, Klok reveals his true motives, he uses his dark powers to stun Zelda, and knock out Link.

Later, he encounters Link in The Shadow Temple, where he and Link battle. When Klok is seemingly defeated, he stuns Link, and flees to his Master's throne room. During battle with The Shadow Incense, Klok will aid his master by throwing electrified spheres. However, when his master is defeated, he is vaccumed up, along with his master, into The Ancient Book, ultimately, ending his lust for power, and sending him to the Demon Realm.

Personality and Traits Edit

Klok is described as a self-absorbed, phsycotic tyrant, who craves for power. He can be considered a physchopath, as he will emit strange cackles of laughter, and his eyes will turn a demonic red. His motives are driven by his lust for power, which ultimately led to his failure. He shows almost no signs of compassion, which shows his evil side. The only time his softer side is shown, is when he defends Tok after his defeat at the hands of Link. He also has a fear of dogs. Overall, he is greedy, demonic and to some lengths, insane.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Klok is a fairly weak physical being, who relys more on magic in his battles. His most used power is levitation, but he can also fire electrical balls of energy, teleport, heal beings and, to some extent, control time. He can be considered as powerful, but nowhere near as powerful as the likes of Ganondorf, or Din. Klok can also constuct basic enemies, such as Kimps.

Etymology Edit

Klok is dervived from clock as most characters in the game are based off words to do with time.

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