Zelda, Sheik and Link fall through the portal, all into different places. Zelda falls into the Great Bay. She sees the discarded Zora Mask. She puts it on, making a zora version of herself. She manages to come up with a song called Melody of Reunitation. She plays it on her guitar and warps to where Link is. Link is a Goron at the time. After a while of searching, the two find Shiek at Termina Field. The two, still goron and Zora, chase after Shiek. Shiek runs to Romani Ranch and vanishes.

After about an hour the two go to Great Bay. While they are watching the bay a Gerudo Pirate Ship appears. Sheik has taken over the ship! Link shoots his grappling hook at it. One gerudo slashes the rope in half. One cannon ball is fired. zelda, still a zora, jumps in the water. Link, still a goron, rolls out of the way of the cannnon ball. The ball misses and the explosion doesn't harm him. Shiek takes out a bow and fires two arrows at Link, one hitting his foot. This causes him to lose his balance and fall into the water. Link quickly takes off his mask before he drowns. Shiek has his/her bow aimed straight at link'd head. She's about to fire. She pulls it back and... Zora Zelda bursts out of the water. shiek turns around to see zelda knock all of the gerudo into the water. Sheik drops the bow, runs up, jumps, and kicks zelda in the face, knocking her on the deck. Link gets out of the water and shoots a fire arrow, igniting the ship. Zelda takes off her mask and jumps off the ship and into the water. Shiek then creates a portal back to Hyrule an jumps into it. Link and Zelda soon jump into it just before the portal closes.

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