Who has taken over Shiek? Why? What's with the killing? Zelda and Link have all of these questions. Zelda suddenly say "I think I have an answer. Impa and I are both sages. Maybe he or she's going after the sages." As soon as Link heard this he bolted to kokiri woods. Zelda had to use Epona to catch up.

Once the duo were there they found out that shiek had already rampaged through. Fires are burning, Kokiri are dying, and the Deku Tree is wilting. Link sees a blue figure by the entrance of lost woods. Link and Zelda chase after him or her, into the woods.

The blue figure is nowhere to be found. Then, a rustle in a bush. A skull kid emerges. Link prepares to fire his bow when the skull kid says. "Stop, it's me Saria. I've been turned to a skull kid." Link stops immediately. they want to have a talk, but shiek appears. He or she creates a portal to termina and pushes Link and zelda into it. It seems as if shiek has won, but a grappling hook shoots out of the portal and pulls him or her into termina.

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