While the Helmaroc King and Link are flying over the dessert colossus, they can already hear screams. Right when they are above it rocks are catapulted at the Bird. Sheik has enslaved the Gerudo, and has already murdered Naboruu. The Helmeroc King dive bombs at Shiek. Unfortunately, a stone collides with him, making it lose it's balance and plummet. Link fires an Ice arrow at the sand and then a fire arrow, turning it to mud. He lands safely in it, splattering it all over the place. One gerudo says "why did you do that, we're just a bunch of girls". (this means shiek is a girl). Shiek turns invisible. He hears a voice humming behind him. He slashes the sound, but nothing happens. He is then hit by a storm of needles in the back and falls to the ground, revealing Shiek's hiding spot. She says "That's something I learned along time ago."Link pulls out a bomb and subtly buries it. Sheik then pulls out her sword, and says "Times up, Link." Link turns his head on to face shiek and says "No, time's up for you." The bomb explodes knocking shiek backwards and onto the ground, and sends link rolling a bit. Shiek is stunned by the suprise of the bomb and the fact link can talk. Link fires an arrow at her head. The arrow streaks past her hair and shreds her mask, revealing the true enemy. Shiek is....

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