Link, Zelda, and Shiek come out of the portal through time and emerge into Hyrule from 7 years ago. Each one of them is a child now. Link's items, oddly, still work fine, besides the destroyed grappling hook.

Link pulls out his hammer and lunges towards shiek. Shiek quickly dodges. In a flash, sheik dissapears and reappears behinds zelda. shiek jumps up and creates a needle storm. The impact hits zelda and knocks her unconcious. The triforce of wisdom falls to the ground. Shiek grabs the triforce and absorbs it. His/Her left hand glows with the triforce symbol on it, with the power and wisdom triangles shining brighter than the courage triangle. Link carries zelda to the portal through time and puts her in the portal, where she'll be safe and healed. while this is happening link figures out that shiek took the triforce of power from ganondorf when they were in the sacred realm. After this link hears the requiem of spirit playing. Shiek vanishes. Then link hears a loud sound echoing. The roof breaks off the top of the temple. The helmaroc king has been summoned by shiek.

The Helmaroc king fires 12 steel feathers at link, all missing. Link hookshots onto a wall and holds onto it. The bird dives at link. Link jumps off the wall and leaps onto the bird. he runs to the the birds head and ties a rope (part of the grappling hook) around the beak, taming the king. Link points to the dessert colossuss. the helmaroc king obeys its order and takes off for flight.

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