Link and Zelda emerge out of the portal just in time to see the blue figure depart. The duo chase after Shiek, into Hyrule Field. In the middle of the chase, Link lunges forward and grabs one of Sheik's arms. Zelda soon grabs the other. "We have shiek" Zelda exclaims. Shiek turns her head to look at Link. He/She then vanishes in a puff of smoke. "Wha...where'd he/she go?" asked Zelda. Then link feels an odd amount of heat behind him. He ducks in time to miss the fie arrow shot by Shiek, who appeared behind him. Shiek says "failed", then runs to Hyrule castle town, faster then before. The two chase after him/her.

The two arrive at Hyrule Castle TOwn. There is no sign. Zelda asks one man "Did you see a Shiekah in white and blue go by here". The man says "Yes, that person just passed by. She ran to that temple". He then points to the Temple of Time. Link and Zelda quickly run to there. The man says "What about thank you?".

The two enter the temple of Time. There is no sign of shiek in the first room. Link slowly creeps into the second room, with Zelda close behind. They still can't find Shiek. Quietly, Shiek crawls to the Link. The Shiekah then drops a Deku Nut on the floor, stunning Link and Zelda. He/she then grabs the master sword from and puts in the pedestal, opening a portal through time. Link is pushed in it by Shiek, sending him seven years back in time. Shiek then laughs evilly. Unknown to the Sheikah, Zelda has been unfrozen. Zelda grabs Shiek and pulls them back in time along with Link.

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