Shageka is a character introduced in Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf. She is the Keeper of Fire Magick and resembles an anthropomorphic wolf/cat hybrid with fire sprouting from her fur.

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Gender Female
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Magick Entity/Deity
Hometown Death Mountain
Title and Rank Keeper of Fire Magick
Group The Keepers of Magick
Special Abilities Fire Magick
Lava resistant
Super strength
Advanced combat
Introduced In Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf
Stories Featured In Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf
Author(s) Ryushusupercat

Physical DescriptionEdit


  • Fur Color:
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Height: 7'3"
  • Weight: 173 lbs


Attacked by GanondorfEdit

Notable AbilitiesEdit


  • Powerful Fire Magick
  • Fire heals her and also raises her power


  • Water (very dangerous to her)
  • Ice (also dangerous)
  • Never thinks before she acts


Shageka is reckless and wild, never thinking before she acts. When Link first met her, she almost attacked her, until Tsukuyomi sent the Keeper of Fire a telepathic message (in the form of a white fairy) saying that Link carried the Master Sword, and is thus an ally.



Biggest FearsEdit

  • The destruction of Hyrule

Ability GivenEdit

Heat Up

Other InformationEdit




Name OriginEdit

  • Shageka is a misspelling of shageki, the Japanese word for fire.


  • Despite the fact that Shageka is very weak to ice, she is still friends with Rahab.

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