Gender: Male

Age: 6004

Species: Demon

Sepulchre is a demon Fought on the roof of the Temple of Time. He is the final boss of Zelda: Lost Redemption He appears to be a Face and two hands. The rest of him is concealed by the darkness. He wields The Gangplank Sword as a weapon. He will throw dark balls of magic at you. Hit them back with your sword. He will hit them back at you with his own sword. after awhile, he'll miss and the ball will go into his mouth. When he falls, shoot light arrows into his eyes. He will then rise and you must repeat the method until you beat him.

He has a cold, metallic voice.

Sepulchre is voiced by Lucas bel Ward(Wardenboy7)

Lost Redemption 2 Edit

Dark Sepulchre

Sepulchre as he appears in Lost redemption 2

After the end of lost redemption, Link finds out Sepulchre is still alive, and Ideya as well.

He tries to take over the mysterious island, Defeating Zelda, but Link and Ideya killed him together.

In the end he fell off the volcano and into the lava.

Lost Redemption 3 Edit

Disfig Sepulchre

Sepulchre, disfigured by the lava

Somehow, he survived the eruption, but was disfigured by The lava. He Overthrew Ideya, who was the new princess, and took over Hyrule. In the final fight, he was far superior to his opponents, but was destroyed permanently with the combined efforts of Link, Ideya, and the spirit of Princess Zelda.

Trivia Edit

Sepulchre's appearance in the 2nd game is based on General Scales.

His appearance in the 3rd game is based on a Sonic character named Iblis.

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