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Age trillions of years old
Gender Male
Species Wolf, Dragon, Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity ThirdBreed(creature made up of three species)
Loyal To Himself, but tends to help or fight Link
Title and Rank Assassination
Weapons Sword, claws, teeth
Special Abilities *Transforming into one of the 3 species, or half human, half that species
  • Magick
  • Excellent sword skills
  • flight
Author(s) Shade

Summary Edit

Sarodal is a creature known as a ThirdBreed, a creature made up of three species, with one being a human, and are immortal(to age). He is believed to be the very last of his kind, and was one of the first to be born.

History Edit

Sarodal was born trillions of years before the events of the Zelda Series, with many brothers and sisters. Eventually, trillions of years later, Sarodal and his entire race were a successful and gigantic tribe, and Ganondorf, the King of Evil, invited the ThirdBreeds into his army to be part of his army and keep his power eternal. They refused, and, as such, Ganondorf killed off the tribe. The split timeline below explains it.

                              ThirdBreeds become successful for years
                                       /           \
                                      /             \
                             ThirdBreeds join   Imprisoning War(Ganondorf kills almost all
                        forces with Hyrule and       ThirdBreeds, leaving Sarodal alive)
                         defeat Ganondorf, but
                           he kills them off
                        and leaves Sarodal as 
                          the last one alive

Sarodal was furious to have lost the rest of his race, or so he believed, but wouldn't accept it. As such, he is adventurous, attempting to look for survivors. He couldn't find any, but he knew there were still some throughout the world. He became an assassin, serving the highest bidder, but would often turn on allies if he senses something bad about them.


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