Saria Foresis Pendulus
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Aliases Woman of the Forest
Timeline Base Explained Below
Age 18
Gender Female
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Loyal To Her Family
Hometown Pyro City
Family/Clan Pendulus Clan
Title and Rank Sword Smith Apprentice
Weapons Long Sword
Special Abilities None
Introduced In Chapter 1: The Legend of the Flame Swordsman
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Chronicles of the Future
Author(s) Kuro

Timeline Edit

This Saria is the new Sage of the Forest, 1,500 years into the future. This is how the timeline goes:

Ocarina of Time (Child Timeline)-> Majora's Mask -> Twilight Princess -> Chronicles of the Future

The year she lives in is 2018 A.D.

Appearence Edit

Saria typically wears green shirts, jackets and skirts all the time. She also has a necklace with a wind swirl on it. Her hair color is a bright jade-green. Her eyes are a cloudy blue color.

Personality Edit

Saria acts like an older sister to Link, even acting in weird ways. Despite this, she acts like Link's best friend of all of his friends. She also can be overprotective of Link, usually embarrassing him.

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