Salana Loté
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Aliases Salana
Counterpart(s) Batz
Timeline Base OOT/Child
Age 10/17
Gender Female
Species Forest Hylian
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Kokiri
Loyal To Great Deku Tree
Hometown Kokiri Forest
Family/Clan Jalavem (brother) Steel (Boyfriend) Ironia (Daughter)
Title and Rank Fighter
Weapons Kokiri Bow
Special Abilities Agility
Introduced In Chao Island RP
Author(s) JmTsHaW

Salana Loté is the young girlfriend of Steel "the Swordkid". Like all Kokiri, she has a Fairy, hers is named Batz.


Salana was the second born child of the Loté family with her Father being a hunter and her Mother being a servant to the Great Deku Tree doing that jobs Fairies cannot do. When she was 3 she began to go hunting with her father and brother. Her first kill was a small Deer and soon she became a master of Archery. Steel was always her friend since she was 4 and they always hung out together in the Lost Woods at night though her brother never liked him much. When Steel was banished from the Forest for murdering his sister though Salana went into a state of depression and shock for a short time before becoming a Fighter at 14 years. 3 Years after she was recruited she was overwhelmed with happiness when Steel hadreturned with a few other people of different races but the happiness soon faded when a Moblin injured him, though soon after that she fell asleep in the forest temple. She was found by her fairy Batz and Axl, Verne, Fear and Spike whom she helped navigate their way through the forest temple to defeat Phantom Ganon, She then gave birth to her daughter Ironia a few months later and has now ran away from the forest with Ironia searching for Steel and her whereabouts are currently unknown.


Salana is a master at Archery and also knows a great amount of Melee, she is agile and quick thinking too.


Salana has some confusion when it comes to fighting underwater enemies, she also loathes Gorons for some reason. She will enter a rage if she is ambushed or attacked suddenly but can easily be carmed down by Ironia's face.


Steel: "I love Steel, we've known eachother since we were 4 years old."

Batz: "I don't even know why I got this guy, he can barely tell me or Steel from 10 year old Hylians"

Ironia: "She's cute, I hope she grows up like me!"

The Team: "I don't even know them that well, the only thing I know about them is that Steel is in them."

Defannse: "I don't know know how Steel puts up her everyday."

Great Deku Tree: "Like everyone else in the forest I think of him as my Godfather."

Jalavem: "He protects me but absolutely loathes Steel."


Kokiri Bow (all appearances)

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