Ruto Aquarius
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Aliases Princess Ruto Aquarius of the Zora Tribe
Timeline Base Explained Below
Age 17
Gender Female
Species Zora
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Oceanic Zora
Loyal To Royal Family of Hyrule, Zora Tribe
Hometown Zora's Domain
Family/Clan King Zora (CotF)
Title and Rank * High School Student
Weapons * Zora Fins
  • Zora Shield
Introduced In Chapter 1: The Legend of the Flame Swordsman
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Chronicles of the Future
Author(s) Kuro

Timeline Edit

Ruto Aquarius is the descendant of Rutela from Twilight Princess, 1,500 years into the future. This is how the timeline goes:

Ocarina of Time (Child Timeline)-> Majora's Mask -> Twilight Princess -> Chronicles of the Future

The year she lives in is 2018 A.D.

Appearence Edit

Ruto is one of the few Zoras that wears clothes. She often wears a tank top and a pair of capris. She also wears earrings with the symbol of Nayru on them. She has an aqua blue skin color, and her fins often show. She has her arm fins out all the time, and the fins on her legs are wrapped around her thighs, although this isn't visible unless she undresses.

History Edit

When Ruto was about 7 years old, she was caught up in a horrible storm, that landed her on Great Bay Coast. She was found by Link, and the two became friends. They mostly talked with each other at their first encounter. Over time, Ruto developed feelings for Link. She lives in Pyro City now, near Zora's River.

Personality Edit

Ruto has a bit of a prissy princess attitude, but when she is around Link, she instantly becomes his fangirl, often offering to do practically anything for Link. She gets along with Zelda, but she acts as if Zelda is her love rival.

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