Overview Edit

Rupees are the standard unit of currency of Mudora, within circulation in the lands of Hyrule, Holodrum, Labrynna, Luzmala, Pacci, Skyloft, and even the islands of the Great Sea.

Part of the reason that Rupees have prevailed as the successful standard unit of currency throughout Mudora is that they have so many different sub-units to distinguish a myriad of varying values. Another factor to their success is their crystalline form makes them nigh impossible to counterfeit, alchemically or otherwise.

The value of a Rupee is denoted by its color, and occasionally its size, although most Rupees come in a standard size. Generally, the greater the value, the harder they are to obtain, usually requiring more difficult tasks. The Wallet’s capacity ultimately determines how many rupees one may receive even when finding Huge Rupees. The following lists Rupees by their values.

Glass Rupees are not truly made of glass at all, and are used as the enchanted keys to doors within certain temples.

Image Color Value Status
GreenRupee Green Rupee 1RupeeSymbol Very Common
BlueRupee Blue Rupee 5RupeeSymbol Common
SkyRupee Sky Rupee 10RupeeSymbol Common
GlassRupee Glass Rupee 10RupeeSymbol Special
RedRupee Red Rupee 20RupeeSymbol Uncommon
PinkRupee Pink Rupee 40RupeeSymbol Uncommon
PurpleRupee Purple Rupee 50RupeeSymbol Uncommon
OrangeRupee Orange Rupee 100RupeeSymbol Rare
SilverRupee Silver Rupee 200RupeeSymbol Rare
GoldRupee Gold Rupee 500RupeeSymbol Rare
MasterRupee Master Rupee 1000RupeeSymbol Extremely Rare

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