We get to the troops, who are talking or just relaxing. I smile and nod.

"Attention!! Listen up. All of you here are now in a war. A war in which we cause chaos and destroy hope. But we will also release darkness from it's hole and let it take down the light. Now come-" I am cut short as a male goron begins speaking, "What if we don't wanna? Huh? There are more of us than you." "Yeah, so why should we?" A skull kid shouts. "Why? I'll show you why." I reply by removing my grappler and releasing it at the skull kid, who has his arms crossed, eyes closed and nodding. It clamps on to his skull and slowly and painfully crunches it till it explodes. He screams in pain and agony, I laugh and smile. The others stare in dismay and can't believe that I am killing him in a horrible way. His head finally explodes and his bones shatter everywhere, smacking people with them. "Does that answer your question?" I ask the goron. "Crystal, sir!" He replies in with a straight face and a booming voice. "That goes for the rest of you. You are all in this now. I would appreciate it if you would all form a single file line and come up to Fonso and Septro. They will take your name, assign you rooms and you will choose either a patch or shirt of the with our Terror Symbol. Now move it, move it, move it!!!" I shout at the rest of the troops.

They follow my directions and I lead them to Fonso and Septro.

"Hey guys, are you ready?" I ask them. "Just about. Are you gonna help?" Fonso replies. "Nope. I have to go. Stallord said I must find the Black Cat's Heart. So I shall." I reply. "Ah, yes. That is a good thing to get....Now where are you really going?" He ask. "To get her." I reply while walking to Blaze. "Hah, I knew it." Fonso laughs out. "Who?" Septro ask Fonso. "His "girlfriend"." Fonso replies. "Ah, the girl." He Septro says as if he is surprised. I stop and smile, then turn around as I get onto Blaze. "Fonso. Septro. Take over from where I left off. Make sure they are ready when I come back for our first move, or else I'll have to kill you both, and I mean it." I say sternly. "Yeah, yeah, we'll have'em ready." Fonso replies as if it was a joke. Blaze takes off and head to Mother & Child Island.…

Part 2 of Event 3 >>

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