<< Part 1 of Event 5

The world was created up by the three goddesses. They wrote the history of time and sent sentinels to enforce. Those sentinels soon were killed by a evil. A hero had to be born to restore the history by annihilating the evil. The evil had been defeated countless times and yet six heroes were not even enough to rid it. It took the power of a god to sacrifice itself to destroy it. Even then evil did not leave. Only just imprisoned. When the god returned to his hylian form, the evil was let free. Then it was just sealed away into a stone statue. That great evil is still sealed away now. A new evil has came. The Prophecy Of The Temple is that the evil shall some day return and the new evil will have a three way war with both the old hero and old evil. Go to the Temple Of The God. Learn the secret Ty. Learn your role. Learn your life. Learn what you will become. You may not like it. You may. Find it and accept it. This sentinel of you Ty. Destroy and you destroy yourself...

And what if I don't want to? I will decide my future, not some sentinel. I know that if I destroy the Sentinel, I too will receive a hero who will put a price on my head. But I will be the sentinel of myself and decide that a hero shall not come after me.

You can not decide for yourself. Your life has been decided. Live with Ty or else you will not exist. Evil shall end with you. When you die, good will return. The old evil shall be destroyed. You will be it's destroyer. Good can defeat evil. Evil can defeat evil. Evil can not defeat good.

F**k you, I'll keep fighting! I shall win! Evil shall never end! It will continue! You live with it! Long live Terror!!!

Part 3 of Event 5 >>

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