<< Part 2 of Event 5

"Septro. I want air support to follow us on this exploration." I say. "Uhh, okay, if you want us to. I guess. But why?" Septro ask. "You never know when you may need some back up." I answer. "Uh, sure. Well I'm all ready. Let's move out."

We group up with Fonso, Andrea and Stallord. We drop to the ground along with three squads. We are in The Forest Of Time. It seems familiar here, but I can't tell what it is. We continue down a the forest following Stallord. We are to keep quiet and move with caution, air support has stated that they saw a couple enemy compounds by the objective point. Septro managed to teach the men some hand signs. Only Recon Dragons have flew by. We were still undetected. We passed a compound, but a small one. Snipers and patrol are in the forest so we've been told. I don't know why they are here, but things might not be good for us.

"Objective 1 miles away." Septro whispers as we creep throughout the forest. "Okay. Air support, do you see anything up ahead." I ask. "Nope. Not a single... what's this? Sir, enemy have set up a base all behind the temple." Sky support replies. We reach the end of the forest. We stand up top on a cliff. Below is the temple. Those bastards are everywhere! They have control of this location. We are going to need help.

Get Inside!Edit

"Sky support, requesting a air strike on the opposite side of the temple and a spear drop down in front of us. Copy?" I ask. "Copy, sending in Air Strike A and B. Give em' about 3 minutes. Copy?" They reply. "Copy." I reply. "Okay, we will be raiding this location in front of us. Andrea, Fonso and Septro with me. Stallord, switch into Dragon form and battle the ground infantry. We strike when the spears drop in front of us. Men, Stallord will command you." I announce. Everyone nods.

We wait until they are dropped. Dragons fly over and drop bombs down. We wait, eager to strike. Spears then fall from the all over the ground and temple. Everyone charges forward. My group and I plow through the enemy and into the Temple.

Final Part of Event 5 >>

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