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Gender Male
Species Zora
Family/Clan Rutela, Ruto, Laruto

Ralis was the Crown Prince of the Zora people. He was the son of Queen Rutela and the late King Zora. When the forces of Zant invaded Hyrule, the Zora realm was frozen and the people trapped. At the behest of his mother, Ralis set out for Hyrule Castle, to alert Princess Zelda to the situation and ask for her help. Zant's forces attacked him en route, however, and he was rescued by Ilia. He became ill because he had been away from the water for too long. He was taken to Telma's Bar, where the local doctor was unable to assist him. Later, Link arrived and transported the Prince to Kakariko Village, to be treated by Renado.

Ralis was reluctant to become the King of the Zoras, but resolved these feelings with Link's help. Prince Ralis was an excellent Reekfish angler, and provided Link with the lure required to catch one in order to proceed through Snowpeak.

Darbus was a member of the Hylian Council and th represenitive for the Gorons. He was killed by Majora for power.

Legacy of the Goddesses
Link | Princess Zelda | Epona | Fierce Deity Link | Skull Kid | Midna | Darbus | Ralis | Din | Nayru | Farore

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